Kleptophilia – stealing fetish

Most sex toy and adult toy enthusiasts have heard of kleptomaniacs. These individuals are driven to steal things repeatedly irrespective of whether they need the item or whether they are liable to make money from the action.

Kleptomania is typically explained as an individual being in a state of distress which can only be relieved following the act of compulsive theft. The aftermath may lead to temporary pleasure or it may induce feelings of guilt and depression associated with being out of control.

A sexual fetish which is related to this condition is known as Kleptophilia. In this rare fetish we are therefore not only seeing someone compulsively steal but they are doing so because it sexually arouses them.

Indeed, it may be that otherwise sexually uninterested adults may only become receptive to sex when they are in the process of and following a successful theft.

We have even heard of some adult toy lovers who targeted sex shops. A couple who we shall not name had the uncontrollable urge to steal bondage equipment from a well known establishment and then have sex.

One hypothesis is that because stealing is morally wrong it can create a real sense of danger. There is a strong chance of being caught which makes the person full of adrenaline and primed for fight or flight.

Being aroused by fear and anxiety is controlled by areas of the brain which can also effect sexual activity and in some therefore there is a crossover between fear and sex.

Kleptophilia is a very risky fetish. Obviously theft is against the law and if you get caught you are liable to be punished in one way or another. Some practitioners claim when they steal they feel alive and are riding a high. They then want to have sex as an expression of the liberated feelings they get once they have gotten away with it.

Examples of Kleptophilia which some adult toy lovers may have seen have cropped up from time to time on TV and film. Back in 2000 a Nicholas Cage film showed how stealing cars made the protagonist horny!

Far better would be to role play kleptophilia and use some adult toys with your partner. Perhaps the two of you could dress up as thieves and capture some pretend loot and then proceed to revel in your success.

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