Klismaphilia – enema fetish

Lovers of sex toys and adult toys often use platinum silicone dongs in an anal capacity.

Prior to any anal play it is generally recommended that certain preparatory tasks are performed.

Initially it is always best to empty the bowels by going to the toilet. If you and your partner are planning on having anal sex or using a large silicone dong it will be cleaner and more hygienic all round if you have defecated first! There is not really a pleasant way to put that?!

Going to toilet will ensure that prior to penetration there are no faeces left in the anus or rectum which could subsequently come into contact with your partner’s penis or the huge silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo you are planning on using with them!

Aside from being a cleaner sexual experience it is also more likely to be a more pleasant and ‘fresher smelling’ experience!

Another recommend step is to clean the anus exterior with soap and water. It is also prudent to clean inside the anal orifice. This can be achieved in a manner of ways including an anal douche or enema.

An anal douche is a method of deep cleaning the rectum and anus thoroughly with water as a means to prepare for penetration with either a penis or platinum silicone dong.

The introduction of a cleaning solution into the rectum helps to clean and dislodge and subsequently remove any residual faecal matter which would have otherwise have been difficult to eliminate naturally.

Some doctors do not recommend the use of anal enemas. They use them if a person has severe constipation for example but do not advise for sexual purposes as they suggest you can become dependent on them.

John Thomas Toys therefore does not endorse their use and you do so at your own risk.

If you are a Klismaphiliac then your sexual fetish is the actual process of having an anal enema. It may be that it is the fantasy of having an enema inserted and water flushing you internally is sufficient for a Klismaphiliac to be aroused. Alternatively it may be the process in reality is needed for them.

Some Klismaphiliacs report that they enjoy the pressured feelings of water in their anus and rectum. This is liable to be because there are so many nerve endings in this part of the body which are sensitive to stimuli.

Alternatively, it may be that some adult toy users simply are aroused by being so clean and prepared to receive their partner’s penis or large silicone dong which they might be playing with.

While Klismaphiliacs are more likely to engage in their sexual fetish alone, some adult toy lovers do find other like minded individuals to share their desires with. For men, the use of an anal enema can achieve stimulation of their prostate – the walnut sized gland which produces fluid to help liberate sperm from the body during ejaculation.

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