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Updated: May 18, 2020

Some sex toys and adult toys which are used for penetrative purposes also contain a vibrator or vibrating element. If a man or woman penetrates their anus or vagina with a platinum silicone dong or other sex toy with a vibrator then the stimulatory effect can be further enhanced.

Platinum silicone dongs are great for men and women to engage in anal or vaginal (or both!) penetrative sex alone or with a partner. They can even be used (if compatible) with sex machines or fucking machines. If you are looking to get into sex toys for your enjoyment, then it is worth considering whether the toy will go with your machine or vice versa. Having a sex machine capable of thrusting and penetrating your orifice of choice at high speeds and for a long duration can be an amazing experience and well worth an investment.

Sex machines with platinum silicone dongs mean that handheld masturbation can be a thing of the past. If you are single or your partner is away then it no longer means that you have to go without sex – unless of course you want to participate in sexual abstinence for a period of time!

We have thus far, in this mini set of articles, looked mainly at sex toys which penetrate the anus or vagina. We have mentioned the use of vibrators which is particularly effective if used by women on their clitoris to achieve orgasm.

However, what we have been yet to comment on, is what men can use to masturbate their penises with. While it is true men of all sexual orientations can and do enjoy anal stimulation possibly using platinum silicone dongs, for a variety of reasons not all men are willing to do this. Yes they can stimulate their prostate glands this way and even induce orgasm but men still largely prefer to stimulate their penis.

Stimulating the penis cannot be achieved using a platinum silicone dong – this is obviously of no surprise. Some men report using vibrators to stimulate their penises but again this isn’t really the norm. The topic of this article is looking at the other options men have for sexual arousal aside from what we have already mentioned. Obviously men can and do relieve their sexual frustration by hand by masturbating their penis; but for many men this is quite boring and predictable and they can long for something a bit more exciting.

Finally we come to the topic of this article which is male masturbators. Male masturbators serve as a means for the man to achieve stimulation of the penis leading to orgasm and ejaculation. Throughout man’s history no doubt improvised sex toys have been used in one form or another.

We know that Dutch sailors in the 17th Century made their own sex dolls so they could pleasure themselves after being at sea for months on end with no women. Therefore it is reasonable to imagine that other materials and devices have been used.

A popular film released 20 years ago called American Pie takes its name from a teenage boy who wanted to try putting his penis inside an apple pie as he masturbated. Presumably the warm apple and pastry were meant to be akin to a woman’s vagina!

Some men have even reported hollowing out fruit and vegetables to use as male masturbators A hollowed out and warmed cucumber is reportedly a favourite! These are obviously funny and very crude attempts at recreating the feel of a vagina (or anus).

Fortunately, in this day and age there are a wealth of sex toys and adult toys in the form of male masturbators which are a lot more realistic and enjoyable to use.

Male masturbators are therefore, a sex toy generally with a cavity whereby the male places his erect penis for stimulation geared towards achieving orgasm and ejaculation.

One of the most popular male mastubators is the Fleshlight. It takes its name as from the exterior it looks very much like a flash light. Indeed, to the untrained eye the hard black plastic case would be expected to house a torch rather than an artificial orifice for the man to place his penis.

Once the lid has been unscrewed from the Fleshlight generally a pink fleshy material is exposed with a cavity inside. The pink fleshy outer is made to look like the opening of the vagina (vulva) or the anus or mouth.

Detailing on the Fleshlight is also liable to show the labia and clitoris (in the female example). These sex toys are designed for the man to place his penis inside. The chamber which accommodates the penis has been made to stimulate the penis and create an authentic experience recreating actual vaginal, anal or oral penetration.

Male masturbator inside machine

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