Men and women engage in sexual self pleasure either alone or in front of a partner. This act of self sexual gratification is known as masturbation.

In many cultures throughout history there have been different attitudes to masturbation. Religion has also influenced the way it has been deemed.

Some cultures celebrate the freedom of self pleasure while others frown on it and view it entirely differently.

Essentially, masturbation for men is rubbing, stroking, fondling of the penis which once erect will then produce an ejaculation of semen and sperm during the male orgasm. Following orgasm the male is liable to be left temporarily fulfilled and euphoric. Feelings of lethargy and even low mood are not uncommon after male masturbation and in most men there then follows a refractory period where they are uninterested or unable to participate in sexual activities for a short period of time.

For women, masturbation generally involves stimulating the nipples, clitoris and vagina. Like men, women can also masturbate to climax and orgasm. Rhythmic muscular contractions occur when a woman reaches her peak and if stimulation is maintained then it is quite possible for them to experience multiple orgasms.

Masturbation is celebrated in May as part of Masturbation month and many advocates see it as a healthy expression of one’s sexuality and free will. Furthermore, many argue that it boosts well-being and mental clarity by reducing sexual frustration.

Generally couples masturbate less than those not in a relationship although for some couples it may be the only stimulation they now get as factors such as diet, age and health can effect a partner’s ability to make love.

Some people are proud and happy to discuss their masturbation habits with friends while others see it as an embarrassing taboo subject. Indeed what doesn't help people feel at ease with masturbation is when unhelpful religious remarks are made. A funny anecdote we heard was when a woman rubs her clitoris she is said to be ringing the devils doorbell!

Whether you enjoy masturbating or do not have the need for it anymore, regardless the introduction of a platinum silicone sex toy can really take your sex life to another level.

Large silicone dildos are great for anal and vaginal penetration and can reach the spots fingers and penises cannot!

Silicone dildos are not only a great sex toy for penetration they can also be used to tease the anus, vagina or breasts.

Furthermore, masturbating with a silicone dong could be viewed as a precursor to intercourse with your partner.

Masturbating with large silicone dongs can be fulfilling and thoroughly enjoyable. Being body safe and easy to clean and sterilize makes them a great bedroom companion.

Why not let your partner try them out on you or vice versa? For added fun, being vac-u-lock and O-ring compatible they can be attached to a compatible harness or sex machine. Have you ever wanted your wife to anally penetrate and dominate you for a change? Well now she can!

Alternatively if you want to take your masturbation to the next level attach a large silicone dildo to a reputable sex machine or fucking machine for the ultimate hands free masturbatory experience of your life.

Just remember to go easy, start off slowly and apply plenty of lubricant.

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