Metrophilia – poetry fetish

We have been looking at weird and wonderful sexual fetishes which lovers of adult toys or sex toys are curious to read about. Regardless of your preferences for a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo you may just find something interesting which follows.

There are some adult toy lovers that have a fetish for their sexual partners speaking to them in a foreign language and find it highly erotic if they do so during penetration.

French and Italian languages are among those which sex toy lovers find the most erotic, where as harder languages like German are generally considered less arousing!

Aside from sex partners speaking in a foreign tongue, some adult toy enthusiasts like listening to specific music in order to illicit a stronger sexual arousal response.

Some like a pulsing tone to get them in the mood and it helps by raising their heartbeat and encourages more passionate experiences with their sex toy loving partner.

An alternative way in which one person may get their partner in the mood sexually is by reciting poetry to them. You would have to be very well read and have a good memory but if that is the case then you may seriously have found a way to woo your partner.

People that are sexually aroused when they hear their partner speak poetry are called Metrophiliacs.

Indeed, some adults who recite poetry may find the act arousing in itself especially if that which they are reading is in some way suggestive. It may be that a sex toy loving adult reads poetry to themselves and finds it necessary to then engage in solo masturbation – possibly with a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo.

A metrophiliac may find it arousing but quite uncomfortable if they were to attend a formal poetry recital by a well published author.

Just as some metrophiliacs are those who read the poetry, more often it is those that listen to it that are effected.

Indeed, there are some individuals who feel unable to relax and engage in love making with their partner unless they are read poetry or their partner plays poetry to them via a CD or online.

Quite why poetry evokes such a strong sexual feeling in some people is unclear although some poems are quite obviously to do with subjects of a sexual nature.

It may however just be the way in which the poem freely flows which arouses and captivates the listener. Perhaps the poem transports them in to a fantasy realm where they are free to release their inhibitions and all they then desire is to be penetrated by a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo!

If your partner has a sexual fetish for poetry then we suggest you get yourself down the library and familiarise yourself with some good material. Then when you unleash it they will be putty in your hands.

Alternatively, you could always take poetry writing classes and perhaps you could write a poem about your partner. If you write a good piece then you may have earned yourself a million brownie points and they will undoubtedly want to to please you in the bedroom.

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