Narratophilia – talking dirty fetish

Some adult toy lovers have been partnered a long time and may find that their sex lives have taken on a predictable pattern. It is likely that adult toys such as platinum silicone dongs like massive silicone dildos have made the bedroom a more exciting place though.

However, other ways in which sexual arousal can be facilitated include the sexual fetish known as Narratophilia.

Again for those of you sex toy lovers who are unfamiliar, Narratophilia is to do with becoming sexually aroused when your partner talks dirty to you.

There are many examples of this but we shall try and identify some common ones.

Both men and women of all orientations have reported that they like to be called names during penetration and find it invigorating.

Examples of words used with partners include “bitch” and “slut”. A common example here would whereby a man is penetrating his partner but calling her these names at the same time and she would then become sexually excited as a consequence.

It may be that adult toy lovers do not just use single words to stimulate their partners. It may be that they describe an entire narrative to their partner. Through this ‘story telling’ they can use it as another means of arousal.

The more graphic the story the more aroused their partner may become alternatively it may be that their partner wants something erotic but toned down.

Talking dirty to your partner maybe a useful tool before penetration, whereby it becomes an expression of foreplay and gets you both in the mood for sex.

So powerful is this fetish in arousing adults that for decades now there have been sex telephone lines which charge extortionate amounts of money to people who want to hear pre-recorded sexual stories or even have live chat with men or women who “talk dirty” to get them aroused and primed for orgasm.

One thing is for sure that which we say to our partner can make or break your sexual experiences. It can prepare the ground for great pleasure and intimacy or it can extinguish any flame before it begins.

Another form of this fetish could be with sexually suggestive books which are otherwise not greatly overtly sexual. It may simply be the undertones of the written words which suggest so much more to the reader and get them in the mood.

Ultimately if one partner is complimenting the other during intercourse it is liable to be an aphrodisiac even if they are just telling them how wonderful they are and how amazing their body is. This may be sufficient to encourage their partner to relax and subsequently indulge themselves more or they may be more willing to incorporate their partners desires if their ego is flattered sufficiently!

However you talk dirty with your partner remember that a sex toy or adult toy is equally stimulating and great for anal or vaginal play. Our sex toys are body safe and highly durable and easily cleaned in the dishwasher or in boiling water if you want to sterilize them.

Lubricant with sex toys is imperative particularly if used anally as unlike the vagina, the anus cannot self lubricate.

John Thomas Toys can be used with compatible harnesses or sex machines but remember to check the specifications before you order to ensure suitability and avoid disappointment.

John Thomas Toys are all handcrafted with the finest materials. We use state of the art 3D computer technology in conjunction with 3D printing and copper molds. Our intricate molding process ensures ultra high definition being retained on every platinum silicone dong produced for your every indulgence.

If you have any questions regarding suitability for use with a harness or sex machine then please feel free to get in touch and a friendly member of the team will be happy to oblige.

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