Pictophilia – fetish for pornographic images

We are still looking at weird and wonderful fetishes which some lovers of adult toys or sex toys may be interested in reading about. If you enjoy platinum silicone dongs such as a large silicone dildo or huge silicone dong then it is quite probable that you will also have a degree of pictophilia.

Despite the odd term it is actually possibly one of the most common fetishes which sex toy enthusiasts are liable to engage in. Pictophilia is a sexual fetish, whereby the person in question requires pornographic pictures or erotic art work in order to become sexually aroused.

Fetishes for pornographic images is a not a 21st Century phenomenon. Indeed archaeological finds have suggested that erotic images have been made by man for thousands of years in one way or another.

Indeed, for example there is evidence of pornographic images on Ancient Greek pottery dating back to 510 BC. That is over two and a half thousand years ago!

Therefore it is likely that as long as there have been men and women there has been the desire to express and record their sexuality in the usage of images.

The first decent attempts by man to produce photographs happened in the 19th Century and as the picture capture technology improved it was not long before it was being used for sexual purposes.

Pornographic pictures have come along way in the last 100 years. There have been some radical changes to the way in which adult toy lovers could access it even in the last 30 years.

Going back to the 1970’s or 1980’s it would be common for pictophiliacs to purchase explicit magazines which they could then ‘read’ in the privacy of their own homes possibly while enjoying sex toys or adult toys with their partner.

With the advent of the first video recorders and their growing popularity in the home in Western Countries in the early 1980’s, we saw a move away from ‘porno’ magazines and the birth of more readily available pornographic films which could be rented on VHS and watched at home alone with a partner and your trusty selection of adult toys.

By the mid 1990’s the internet was becoming available to the masses (albeit with slow to load web pages), but as a consequence pornographic images and film were now easier to access.

As we approach the year 2020 pornographic images and video is simply one click away from your home computer, tablet, mobile phone or streaming device connected to your television.

As a consequence we are seeing many sex toy or adult toy enthusiasts using pornographic images more and more in conjunction with their favored large silicone dongs.

For some adults pornographic images or video are simply able to facilitate the right mood whereby they are sufficiently aroused to either masturbate alone with a huge silicone dong or have sex with their partner.

However, for some it appears that pornographic images and video have become of greater importance. Some adult toy lovers seem to have moved away from gently enjoying these images, to needing these images to arouse them.

Therefore this sexual fetish for pornographic images has somewhat taken over in a person’s life.

Pornography can certainly play a positive role for some adults in helping them to get sexually aroused, however when it becomes ALL that matters and utterly imperative then it could potentially mean it is getting a little out of hand.

If you need porn before you can be intimate with your partner it may be that this creates problems within your relationship as for example they may feel that they are not enough for you which could lead to them feeling inadequate.

It may be beneficial to speak to a sex therapist if you exclusively need porn for every sexual experience you have.

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