Platinum Silicone sex toys vs Latex

Platinum Silicone sex toys vs Latex

The final material we shall look at in this blog entry is Latex. Like Platinum Silicone, Latex does not contain Pthalates.

Latex is a form of rubber and has found lots of applications in the sex toy industry.

Latex has a smooth finish but with a lubricant can achieve a ‘wet look’. Unlike Platinum Silicone, Latex requires a lot of maintenance after each use. Latex has to be cleaned with an adult toy cleaner (preferably one with antibacterial properties). Once it has been dried it requires a renewing powder which will maintain it’s flexibility and soft texture. Unlike PVC and Platinum Silicone, Latex has a rubbery smell and taste.

Platinum Silicone has a proven safety record and is more durable than latex. Furthermore, Platinum Silicone retains it’s shape far better than latex. Latex is liable to degrade and show signs of wear while Platinum Silicone does not age (provided it is cared for appropriately).

It is not uncommon for some users of latex to have allergic reactions (estimated to be around 10% of the population). Platinum Silicone is naturally hypoallergenic (allergy free). Furthermore, Platinum silicone is a lot more heat resistant than latex and can be cleaned even in boiling water or in the dishwasher.

Like PVC, Latex adult toys are porous and liable to contain harmful bacteria which can accumilate over time. Latex toys may also contain small amounts of a known cancer causing substance.

Overall, it was clear to JohnThomasToys that despite the extra costs involved if we were to manufacture an adult toy it had to look and feel great but also last and most importantly be safe for our customer.

We hope you will agree that there is no other option than medical grade platinum silicone for all your dildo and dong bedroom requirements.

Medical grade platinum silicone is so safe it is used in our hospitals. Being non-porous and sterilizable and durable does come at a cost to source and indeed it can be 4-7 times more expensive than the alternatives we have mentioned in this blog (TPE, PVC, Latex).

We understand that some people are on a limited budget but we implore you not to scrimp when it comes down to purchasing an adult toy or jumbo silicone dildo. Please see you silicone dildo as an investment which is going to last a long time. It’s going to be safe for your body and very easy to clean and above all amazingly erotic time and time again!

John Thomas Toys have a range of over 50 diffent sex toys all in 4 glorious sizes and 2 types of firmness. We offer fast disptach and delivery with a trackable service.

Billing and shipping of our sex toys is always discreet and unlike other companies our after sales care is also exemplary.

We offer a myriad of ways to securely complete your purchase and for your peace of mind please note the Mc Afee Secure and Norton Shopping Guarantee which very few competitors can also boast. In short we value you highly as a customer and you are in very safe hands - you can even checkout with PayPal for added security (offered through their Buyer Protection scheme).

John Thomas Toys can be contacted via the telephone Monday to Friday 10am to 4pm. N.B we are closed weekends and bank holidays.

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