Pregnancy Fetish

We resume today looking at strange, weird and wonderful sexual fetishes which some people are interested in.

While a pregnant woman is liable to be full of hormones and traditionally ‘blooming’ possibly she is less interested in sex. Furthermore, many men are likely to not consider her sexually as a potential mate, as she is carrying a child and from a primal/biological perspective there is nothing to gain per se.

However, that being said there are some men (and women) who find pregnant women utterly irresistible.

As we continue to educate our adult toy loving audience, pregnancy fetish is known as maiesiophilia. Those that are drawn to pregnant women may or may not enjoy the use of platinum silicone dildos such as large silicone dongs or huge silicone dildos when they are alone.

However one thing is for sure, if they see a pregnant woman they find it highly erotic. Most pregnant women (unless they are your partner) are liable to be off limits as they are in a relationship. However in a few cases the woman may be potentially available for sexual exploits.

There are a variety of theories as to why there is a sexual attraction towards pregnant women. When a woman is pregnant there are many changes which occur in her body beside the obvious bump growing!

Predominantly hormone levels alter drastically as the body prepares itself for fetal development and inevitably birth.

Men and women who are attracted to women’s breasts are liable to be aroused by a pregnant woman as her breasts become swollen and enlarged as she prepares for lactation (milk production) for breastfeeding.

From what research we have conducted it appears that men are mainly interested in pregnancy fetish.

It may be that men like the maternal behavior that the woman may exhibit as a consequence of her condition.

It may be that adult toy loving males may want to reproduce breast feeding behaviors with the pregnant woman which she may or may not oblige to! Indeed there is a big business for breast milk and there are lots of people who purchase it for their own consumption!

People who are sexually attracted to pregnant women may be drawn to the female form of pregnancy in it’s larger size.

It may be that sex toy loving men (or women) like the way that a pregnant woman ‘hobbles’ about which is especially apparent if she is near to the end of her pregnancy.

Not all adults who are drawn to pregnant women sexually actually need to have intercourse in order to obtain gratification. It may be that being ‘mothered’ is sufficient to them, or otherwise some form of oral or manual masturbation upon them such as with a large silicone dildo or huge silicone dong.

Some men and women can be equally aroused by a woman who is not actually pregnant but instead appears to be. Essentially in those cases it appears to be the suggestion that she looks like she is which is sufficient to get them aroused.

For some people seeing a woman pregnant is arousing as a symbol of life and fertility.

Pregnancy fetish is apparent as well because there is pornography in which pregnant women are depicted deliberately in sexual acts.

Some men may have pregnancy fantasies whereby they imagine themselves impregnating the woman of their dreams. This could be a movie star or pop star, alternatively they may have alien fantasies about being overpowered by an extra terrestrial who desperately needs to mate!

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