Puppy Fetish

In this next article we are going to take a quick look at what is known as a Puppy Fetish.

Puppy Fetish practitioners tend to love John Thomas Toys’ platinum silicone dildos and we truly value their custom.

Engaging in ‘Puppy Fetish’ is what is known as animal role-play. In this role-play, one or both partners act as if they were a dog or puppy and through their behaviour - which may be good or naughty - a series of rewards or punishments (usually of a sexual nature!) are dished out.

Those who enjoy engaging in Puppy Fetish behaviours are more likely to incorporate BDSM (bondage, dominance, submissive and masochism) practices. Indeed the submissive partner is liable to be the Puppy and the dominant partner is liable to be their owner who may for example walk them around on a lead.

Puppy Fetish enthusiasts can take their roles very seriously and some of them wear full puppy dog attire. The clothing worn is often overtly sexual or suggestive such as leather face masks with dog ears.

Furthermore, a naughty puppy may be disciplined by their parter and made (consensually) to please their master perhaps through oral or anal sex.

Some highly respected members of society in important careers love nothing more than coming home and slipping into their collar and lead and become ready to be submissive. It’s a great way to unwind from the seriousness of life and a great fun exploit to engage in with an open-minded partner.

If you enjoy Puppy Fetish lifestyle and behaviours then there is a whole community online waiting to hear from you.

Those drawn to the Puppy Fetish find that John Thomas Toys’ platinum silicone dildos, anal stretchers and butt plugs are ideal companions on their journey into sexual fulfilment.

Many BDSM love to use our large silicone dongs to humiliate and ‘punish’ their naughty dogs.

Whenever you use our sex toys and adult toys anally remember to use plenty of lubricant.

Every platinum silicone sex toy we sell comes with a 4oz tub of premium Boy Butter personal lubricant. Boy Butter Original is a great variety and is as effective as silicone based lubricants but it will not degrade the surface of your adult toy.

Furthermore, it will not leave any unsightly shame stains on your bedding or clothing and can be cleaned away with just water.

John Thomas Toys also have a range of sex harnesses which Puppy Fetish practitioners love. Due to the vacuum hole present in every platinum silicone sex toy we make, you can attach them to a harness. Both men and women like to wear our harnesses when used in conjunction with a large silicone dildo.

Women like to wear them to penetrate their female partner vaginally or anally. Alternatively in a heterosexual relationship, women like to ‘Peg’ their husbands anally with jumbo silicone dongs to truly show them who is boss in the relationship!

Another use of a harness is for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. A large silicone dong attached can serve as an understudy for a flaccid penis. This allows the man to still ‘perform’ and satisfy their partner. Finally, some men who experience the very common premature ejaculation condition, may use a big silicone dong attached to a harness to arouse their partner.

Once their partner is sufficiently primed for orgasm they can then remove the harness and penetrate naturally with their own penis without fear of coming to quickly and either party being left feeling guilty or unfulfilled!

All John Thomas Toys come with a 12 month guarantee as standard which can be extended to 3 years or lifetime cover at time of purchase. Terms and conditions apply.

With over 15 years experience in the sex toy industry John Thomas Toys pride themselves on their innovative original designs created solely to please our customer base of adult toy aficionados.

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