Puppy Gear (Part 1)

For those of you that love adult toys and sex toys then in this article there may well be something that appeals. Today we are looking at the accompanying accessories that compliment Puppy Fetish.

Puppy Fetish, as we have identified in a previous article is a sexual fetish whereby an individual or couple role play as puppies. Through this behaviour they are able to gain a lot of sexual excitement which can act as a precursor to masturbation (such as with a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo) or penetrative sex with their partner.

Puppy Fetish may incorporate aspects of Bondage (B), Discipline (D), S(Sadistic), M(Masochism) whereby one person in the relationship is the dominant partner e.g. they ‘walk’ their puppy around the house using a collar and lead. The submissive partner would be dressed as the puppy and be totally reliant on their ‘masters’ commands. Through obedient behaviour the puppy may earn rewards which may or may not be sexual. Furthermore, disobedient behaviour such as not doing what they are told (or even more extreme version of naughty behaviour such as urinating or defecating indoors) would be liable to result in a form of punishment.

Punishment for the ‘naughty’ puppy may be in the form of humiliation or physical punishment involving spanking or slapping. Punishment may also be sexual teasing and titillation.

For those that enjoy role-playing as part of Puppy Fetish they are highly liable to enjoy sex toys such as platinum silicone dongs or a jumbo silicone dildo.

In addition to sex toys, there are a range of other ‘props’ which can be incorporated in your sex games and role play. In this article we look more closely at what can be used by adult toy lovers to make the roles you play more authentic.

As any canine puppy owner knows, it is very handy to have a cage or crate to stick the naughty little fellow in when for example you are going out or going to bed. This serves a practical purpose predominately to prevent any unwanted toileting accidents or anything important being destroyed by chewing from a teething pup.

If in conjunction with your Puppy Fetish games you wish to enhance the realism, then why not purchase an adult puppy cage. They are a great fun way to safely get into character and a great turn on for the dominant partner.

Aside from using large silicone dongs or jumbo silicone dildos on your naughty puppy as a means of ‘punishment’, using a collar and lead means that you can control them and restrain them.

Pretend leather paws or tails which double as butt plugs are another great way to broaden your sex games. John Thomas Toys have produced a small range of sex toys specifically for this purpose. Their platinum silicone sex toy called Good Boy is a set of 4 adult toys of different sizes dependent on the users experience level.

The Good Boy platinum silicone butt plug may be inserted prior to Puppy Fetish play and provide a more authentic look for your pup. Not only that, puppy gets very sexually aroused having had the butt plug sex toy inside his anus and he is perfectly prepared for anal penetration if he has been a really good boy!

Anal butt plugs are a great way to train the anus prior to full sex. By having them in place the muscles of the anus and rectum are gently stretched and temporarily maintain this comparative relaxed position.

When training the anus with butt plug anal toys always use plenty of lubricants as the anus – unlike the vagina – cannot self lubricate.

With the purchase of every John Thomas Toys platinum silicone dildo or dong, you will receive a free 4oz tub of Boy Butter personal lubricant which is made from coconut oil. The lubricant is body safe and highly effective. It can be cleaned off with water and is long lasting. Furthermore, it will not stain your clothing or bedding.

Tomorrow we will continue looking at Puppy Fetish gear as we help to educate you in creating the most authentic puppy play you can.

N.B All John Thomas Toys are handcrafted from only the finest medical grade platinum silicone and they are naturally body safe and hypoallergenic.

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