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Salophilia – Salt Fetish

Continuing our seemingly never ending look at weird and wonderful sexual fetishes which some sex toy or adult toy enthusiasts may find curious to read about, we resume today looking at something called Salophilia.

Sal is the latin word for salt and philia is the latin word for liking or loving.

Therefore what we are discussing today my sex toy loving friends is a sexual fetish involving salt!

There are a variety of ways in which this sexual fetish may be expressed and we shall discuss those in the coming paragraphs.

Firstly, as all adult toy lovers will know, we all have salt within our bodies which performs vital roles. Without carrying salt within us we would not be able to survive!

Indeed, salt plays a pivotal role whereby it enables the body to control the amount of water that it holds at any one time.

It is common for us as adults to frequently crave something salty. It may be that we want to eat something savoury or perhaps some well salted fried chips. A nutritionist is liable to tell us if we are constantly craving salty food or beverages, then it is likely that we are not drinking enough water and are likely dehydrated.

Some people take the natural need and desire to consume salt to a different level and one in which they derive great sexual fulfilment.

When we exercise, our bodies – through a process called perspiration – begin to produce sweat.

Within the skin which covers the bodies of all sex toy lovers are to be found sweat glands which when we are hot release water and salts.

The act of sweating within the adult toy lovers body is an efficient biological system which is designed to cool down the body with the sweat. As a consequence, as we noted salt comes out of the skin in this process.

Salophiliacs are therefore highly aroused when their sexual partner has for example returned from a fitness class or been to the gym and are covered in fresh sweat.

As a consequence it is quite likely that they will want to go to extreme measures to satisfy their urges. Examples of salophiliacs behaviour may include kissing or licking their partner’s legs or arms. Alternatively, they may wish to lick under areas which produce a lot of sweat such as under their arms or between their buttocks!

Aside from licking these sweaty areas, the salophiliac is liable to then want to engage in sexual play, penetration or introduce sex toys or adult toys such as platinum silicone dongs or large silicone dildos.

The salophiliac may simply find sex with their partner highly erotic for multiple reasons. It may be the act of penetration or masturbation generates a lot of heat in their partner’s body and this causes them to sweat which then stimulates them further and makes their love making ever more intense!

Aside from enjoying sweat produced from their partner whilst using platinum silicone dongs or other adult toys, it is common for salt lovers to revel in other bodily fluids.

Indeed, if you partner is male then the act of them ejaculating is liable to make you aroused for more than one reason. Sure you will be excited and happy that you have facilitated them reaching their sexual peak, however in addition, the salophiliac can now consume the ejaculate!

The reason for the attraction for this substance is that it contains salt which some adult toy lovers enjoy. In addition it may be that in the act of oral sex upon a man, there are those men and women who actively prefer or are repulsed by the act of swallowing the man’s sperm and semen.

Presumably those that want to ingest it therefore are either trying to impress or please their partner or they just find it stimulating and genuinely palatable.

Although there is some disagreement in the phenomenon of female ejaculation, it is clear that when some women orgasm there is a liquid released from the body. Some people argue that it is urine while others believe it is a specific ejaculate specifically produced when the woman climaxes.

Regardless, there are men and women salophiliacs which are highly aroused by this bodily fluid, for the same reason as the attraction to the man’s ‘cum’ i.e. it contains salt.

Other expressions of this salt fetish include taking baths which have been highly enriched with sea salt or covering food in high concentrations of salt. When people drink tequila they have salt prior to sucking a lemon and this may be another form of salophilia?

Some salophiliacs even go so far as to put salt on their partner’s penis or the platinum silicone dong they are using prior to engaging in oral sex.

While salt is imperative in the human body, too much of it can be detrimental so bear than in mind adult toy lovers!

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