Sensory deprivation

Adult toy lovers whether they are beginners or seasoned are often interested or practitioners in some form of bondage play.

Bondage play is essentially to do with restraining your sex toy loving partner. It may be that they are restrained using ropes or handcuffs. Handcuffs may be basic toy ones from your local sex toy shop or they may be the real McCoy police issue kind!

Aside from restraining your partner with this means, another form of sexual dominance which can be used in the bedroom involves sensory deprivation.

Sensory deprivation basically means depriving your partner of some of their senses. The most frequent types are blindfolding or placing something over or inside the ears so they cannot hear.

This type of deprivation (more commonly blindfolding the eyes) is able to potentially generate a lot of sexual arousal and excitement in the person it is done to. This is because if used in conjunction with other bondage equipment the person is then rendered not only powerless to move but also now has no control over the situation by being able anticipate what is going to happen next because they can no longer see their partner.

If one partner is sensorily deprived then they cannot predict when or where their partner is going to touch their body for example. For many adult toy lovers this can be the ultimate turn on.

If your partner is blindfolded then you could theoretically (unbeknownst to them) place your genitals up close to their mouths to tease them. Alternatively, you could tease and stimulate parts of their bodies and they would have no clue when it was going to happen.

A great way to tease your partner who you have given sensory deprivation to, is with a sex toy or adult toy. A great example of a sex toy is a platinum silicone dildo such as a large silicone dong or huge silicone dildo!

Making love to your blindfolded partner can be highly erotic for both parties. In particular, the person blindfolded is liable to experience a new level of liberation from allowing him/herself to completely surrender and let go to the other person pleasuring them.

Sensory deprivation fetish may be used by people who know little of it’s application and are just trying it out to spice up their sex lives. Alternatively, seasoned practitioners of BDSM may use it all the time as a means of humiliation, dominance and power which enables them to torture and punish their willing slave.

Depriving someone of their senses such as sight and sound is a very powerful means of control which some adult toy lovers are interested in and find very erotic. Used a means of sexual arousal as a short term vehicle to make things more exciting you understand why it is so popular among sex toy loving adults.

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