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Sex Aids

In this article we are going to look briefly at the topic of sex aids. By definition a sex aid is anything which is designed to facilitate or improve the sexual experience achieved by an individual or couple.

The question might arise why would the need for a sex aid originate in the first place?

There can be a lot of reasons in reality why a sex aid may be required. The most obvious would be that the person or couple in question possibly have an illness or disability which prevents or restricts them in some way from the normal sexual activities of a man or woman.

From our time in the adult toy industry we have heard from afflicted individuals who through injury, illness or inherited disability are unable to enjoy sex as the majority of adults do - without appreciating how fortunate they are to do so.

Indeed, sex toys and adult toys or sex machines have become highly beneficial to many people who hitherto were unable to achieve sexual satisfaction. If for example an individual had an illness which meant they were unable to perform sex they may potentially lead a life of sexual frustration and depression while still having the urges and drives that all human beings have.

Being for example wheel-chair bound shouldn’t mean you cannot achieve the heights of sexual arousal. For this reason there are a lot of adults who benefit from sex machines which can masturbate the penis, vagina and clitoris.

For others, sex aids may be more to do with helping to achieve or sustain sexual arousal. It is true that due to illness, diet or age for example that men may find it more difficult to achieve an erection. The most obvious sex aid that springs to mind to me is Viagra. Viagra was discovered 20 years ago and was marketed to men with erectile dysfunction. It was also touted as an aid for women to sustain their enjoyment and/or achieve multiple orgasms. Fast forward 20 years and you can now buy Viagra over the counter in your local chemist compared to the early 1990’s when it was prescription only and quite controversial and hard to obtain.

Other male sex aids on the market include creams and potions designed to either keep men erect or delay their ejaculation. Premature ejaculation is incredibly common and nothing frustrates a partner more than their man peaking too early and leaving them wanting!

Female sex aids may also include similar products but they would be more focussed to help to keep the woman aroused and naturally sexually lubricated for longer perhaps by boasting that they would improve libido or generate a stronger climax or simply multiple climaxes!

Without attempting to be exhaustive in listing potential sex aids, another common aid which has been used for improving sexual experience is the vibrator. The first recorded use of the vibrator was around 150 years ago as a means to combat hysteria in women.

As computers and electronics have become more sophisticated so have the sex aids available and the adult toy industry has moved along way from the simple ‘vibe’.

Regardless of which sex aids people may choose to use one thing is clear. There has always been the demand for a traditional sex toy in the form of the dildo. There is evidence of makeshift dildos dating back hundreds of years in history and men and women still enjoy the explicitly phallic simplicity of the dildo today.

Dildos are the classic sex aid. They are great for vaginal penetration and anal penetration and suitable for both men and women.

At JohnThomasToys we provide over 50 different designs in platinum silicone dildos.

Each of our designs comes available in 4 different sizes from small silicone dongs to jumbo silicone dildos.

Adult toys in the form of the dildo is a timeless design but JohnThomasToys have put their own stamp on it creating both traditional silicone dildos as well as mythical fantasy ones such as the Original Tentacle – based on an Octopus.

Adult toys in the form of silicone dong or dildo are great if used alone for masturbation or with your partner. As all our sex toys are vac-u-lock compatible then there are many sex machines and fucking machines which they can be attached to and therefore be used ‘hands free’ - great if you have loss of mobility.

Large silicone dildos are great for anal play and the highly pleasurable anal stretching. With 16” versions of all of our platinum silicone sex toys available, JohnThomasToys have a terrific range if this is where you get your pleasure.

In summary, sex aids are in abundance to the consumer nowadays. Whether we pop to our local supermarket for a mini vibrator and a bottle of tingly lubricant or discuss a premature ejaculation treatment with our GP. Regardless one thing is clear, there is no better sex aid than the humble dildo and JohnThomasToys offer the best quality and range of sizes on the market.

With something for everyone, we know you will enjoy our sensual range of weird and wonderful, traditional and stylish erotic dildos and dongs all handcrafted in top quality medical grade platinum silicone.

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