Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls

In this article we are going to have a little look at sex dolls. Sex dolls are adult toys also referred to as sex toys.

Men and women use sex dolls generally in the absence of a sexual partner for sexual gratification or possibly as something to use in front of their partners to arouse them.

In the 17th century it is said that Dutch sailors invented sex dolls as a means of sexual release when they were isolated from their wives and girlfriends and very pent up.

Original sex dolls were made of cloth sewn together to vaguely resemble the female anatomy.

Other sailors were intrigued by these 'love dolls' and they then became fashionable in Japan where they were called Dutch Wives after their creators.

From their crude and humble beginnings sex dolls have moved with the times and become ever more sophisticated.

Nowadays they are available in an abundance of styles and materials and aimed at both sexes. The materials used these days are often so good that the doll looks and feels uncannily realistic.

Sex dolls could cost you as little as £50 or if you wanted an ultra realistic one - perhaps one that talks - then you could spend thousands of pounds.

Please research the material your potential sex doll is made from if you are serious about purchasing. This is neccessary as not all materials which have been traditionally used are known to be body safe. If possible opt for one made of platinum silicone.

A low cost sex doll is highly unlikley to be sexually fulfilling and you are likely wasting your money and the highlight of your night will be fixing a puncture as they are often inflatable.

Sophisticated sex dolls are big business in the adult toy industry particularly if they have realistic vibrating orifices of for example the anus or vagina.

If you have an interest in sex dolls then you will undoubtedly be interested to learn that John Thomas Toys has just released a brand new range of platinum silicone sex toys.

Platinum silicone dildos and dongs are amazing for vaginal and anal penetration and if used with a willing partner via harness or compatible sex machine then you can take your sexual enjoyment to the next level.

Some of our sex toys are jumbo silicone dildos and are great for anal stretching if that is your interest. We also have small silicone dongs great for vaginal penetration.

Our current catalogue hosts over 50 different designs all in 4 glorious sizes and 2 degrees of firmness. We believe our range is so comprehensive that for every sex toy lover there will be something just right for them.

John Thomas Toys offer discreet billing and shipping and dispatch direct from the UK. All of our sex toys come with a 365 days quibble free return policy in the unlikely event of a problem.

We have over 15 years experience in the adult toy industry and have our finger firmly on the pulse of what men and women love in the bedroom.

We are pleased to be of service in your selection of sex toy and can be contacted easily if you have any queries or questions. For contact details please visit

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