Sex problems within a couple – different sex drives

Within this article we are going to take a brief look at a potential sexual problem within a relationship whereby the individuals have varying sex drives.

When a couple get together they may or may not have similar sex drives. Alternatively it may be that one person has a markedly higher interest and need for it than the other. Regardless, it is common within the early stages of a relationship for frequent love making to be an occurrence.

As the relationship matures it is often the case that frequency of sex can decrease. This can be due to a range of reasons such as the relationship is no longer seen as new and exciting, or it can be because priorities for one or both parties has changed.

If you have noticed that one of you are experiencing a lack of comparative interest in sex then you may benefit from the addition of an adult toy or role-playing in the bedroom to make things more fun.

When a couple first get serious it may be that one member of the couple (who was hitherto less interested in sex in general) is making an extra effort for their new partner. Once they feel secure within the relationship they may slowly try to reduce how often they make love to bring it in line with their own needs.

There are many reasons why two people may have varying sex drives.

Generally speaking men (largely due to testosterone) are more sexually driven.

While women can have high sex drives it is more likely to be the man who wants it more often than the woman.

However in same sex couples there can still exist differences in libido so next we will look at some of the potential reasons why some people go off sex.

It could be that one partner is struggling with stress through work or finances. A simple scenario that they are anxious about a promotion or fear of redundancy could be sufficient to put them right off of sex.

If one member of the partnership is suffering from a mental health problem such as anxiety or depression then this is highly likely to effect their sexual appetite. While traditionally some afflicted with such a condition may go right off sex it could also have the opposite effect and they want more of it to compensate for the negative feelings they are experiencing.

If you are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression and it is effecting your sex drive it is important to address it with your partner and seek advice from your GP. If you do not discuss why you are not interested in sex with your partner it could be seen as indicative that you do not love your partner and that you are not attracted to them. They may also suspect you are having an affair!

If you and your partner have recently had a child then your priorities will drastically change. There becomes much less time for yourself let alone intimate time with a partner. Sleep deprivation is great at killing interest in sex too so it may be that sleepless nights is the reason your wife always has a headache!

An additional reason why one of the individuals has changed in their desire for sex and intimacy may be because they are unhappy or uncomfortable with their body. They may perhaps have had surgery or had a significant weight loss or weight gain leaving them self-conscious and unhappy to undress around their partner.

Again, through sensitive open discuss with your partner you can help one another overcome any such body image issue which may be inhibiting things.

One thing is for sure though if you can make sex enjoyable and fun then you are more likely to want to engage in it.

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It may be that one person within the relationship is not feeling sexually fulfilled and hence their lack of interest. The woman may be suffering from Anorgasmia and may have not been honest about her lack of reaching orgasm during love making. Again, communication is key.

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