Stigmatophilia – piercing fetish

A person exhibits paraphilia when they are turned on sexually by unusual stimuli. This may be an unusual sexual object such as high heels, or it could be a certain situation such as being in a crowd or it could be by certain behaviours such as pretending to be an animal – eg. a puppy dog.

There are hundreds of paraphilia which have been identified some are interesting, some are disgusting and not worthy of attention and others are plain strange.

Today we are looking at paraphilia which are weird and wonderful. We resume today by looking at stigmatophilia which is a sexual fetish to do with piercing.

Traditionally in Western Countries it is quite normal and acceptable for men and women sex toy loving individuals to have their ears pierced. Indeed, there has been a growing trend for adult toy lovers to have their noses pierced too.

Body piercing is not a new concept and is liable to have been around since the dawn of man. Body piercing is a means of body modification and expression and one which can demonstrate power and sexual confidence.

As the use of piercing has deviated from the norm in recent decades, we have seen more and more examples of sexual piercing.

It is now quite common for men and women to have nipples pierced. Both sexes report that their sexual partners find them highly arousing and in addition they themselves state that the piercing makes their nipples more sensitive and receptive to stimuli.

Taking this sexual piercing to the next level we have seen an increase in women having their clitoris’ pierced which is a big step from the humble belly button which is still seen as much more socially acceptable.

A pierced clitoris is also said to make the organ more receptive to subsequent stimulation and demonstrates that the woman is experienced and knows her body well and that which pleases her sexually.

Some men and women love their partner to have a pierced tongue. The main reasoning behind this is that it can enhance oral sex for the recipient. The cold hard metal piercing can illicit pleasant sensations upon the clitoris, vagina or the head of the penis.

In addition to the more common sexual piercings which we have already listed is one which is most invasive comparably. This involves the piercing of the man’s penis at the tip. A ring is placed through the head of the glans which comes out through their urethra which is where urine and semen are dispelled.

The purpose of this is two fold. Firstly the piercing is said to produce more powerful orgasms for the man when he ejaculates, secondly the piercing is said to rub on the clitoris or vagina during penetration or stimulate the anus with anal penetration.

Piercing of the head of the penis is known as a Prince Albert.

John Thomas Toys have produced a new range of sex toys in 4 different sizes based on the Prince Albert.

Our adult toys are made from platinum silicone and are of a medical grade. The Prince Albert platinum silicone dildo comes in a 7”, 9”, 12” and 16” version. Do please be aware that the 16” version is a massive silicone dong and is liable to be very big and very heavy.

The Prince Albert platinum silicone dong does not come with a piercing but one can be simply attached and that is what it has been designed to accommodate.

All John Thomas Toys have a vacuum hole which means they can be attached to a compatible sex harness or sex machine (fucking machine). Please ensure you check the specifications of the sex toy you are interested in to ensure it will be suitable for your requirements.

John Thomas Toys platinum silicone dongs can be sterilized in boiling water between uses and are highly durable. For your peace of mind they all come with a 365 day quibble free return policy in the unlikely event that they should develop a problem.

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