Strange places to have sex (1)

In these next articles we are looking at the strange places that adult toy lovers have had sex with their partners.

Adult toy lovers not only love platinum silicone dildos such as large silicone dongs and massive silicone dildos but they are also known to be quite an adventurous sort.

To kick off this series of articles we begin with our first location which is a carpark! For some reason being inside your own car and parked up in car park seems to give people a strange sense of security and if they are feeling amorous then they may often end up getting it on!

Couples who have sex in car parks may or may not involve their jumbo silicone dongs or other platinum silicone dildos, it may be that they want to get down to it quickly and opt for basic anal or vaginal penetration.

N.B It is against the law to have sex in a public carpark so we cannot endorse this or any subsequent locations we go on to look at.

Really daring couples may have sex in carparks during the day but that definitely increases the chances of you getting caught - for some though that is what drives them - the thrill of being discovered can be a real turn on.

Sex toy lovers who engage in sex in car parks may also engage in the phenomenon known as dogging. In dogging, the adult toy lovers have sex deliberately in front of other adults who are then aroused themselves and watch the show. Some instances of dogging lead to observers either asking to get involved, or if the couple is especially open and liberated, they may ask a member of their 'audience' if they want to join in and penetrate themselves or their partner.

Obviously dogging is quite a risky behaviour especially if strangers are involved plus there is the health concerns of sexually transmitted diseases so please be careful guys and girls!

The next strange place for a couple to have sex is on a train. Many adults have often fantasised about making love with their partner on a train motivated by the dangers of being caught plus the stimulation afforded them through the constant motion of the train.

Adult toy lovers would be unlikely in this situation also to employ their large silicone dildos or jumbo silicone dong as time would probably be of the essence. The cautious sex toy lovers would probably have sex in the toilet on the train whereas the thrill seeking adult toy lovers would probably go for it in an empty carriage.

Having sex on a train obviously means you run the risk of the conductor walking in on you or another fellow passenger. Again pay attention all adult toy lovers you can be arrested for public indecency if you are caught with your trousers down while you penetrate your partner.

Furthermore, in this day and age many trains have CCTV so be warned if all goes wrong you could end up on YouTube or crimestoppers.

The next strange place where people have been known to have sex is at the cinema. We think it must be the fact that you are in near pitch darkness and the film is quite loud that makes adult toy lovers feel very brave and uninhibited.

If the film you are watching is an action movie then there is liable to be many explosions. If you are penetrating your partner either with your penis or large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo then if you time it right you could have your explosions at the same time!

It may be that the thrill of sex in the cinema brings adults back to the carefree time when they were teenagers making out with their dates. Having sex in the cinema means these adult toy lovers are revisting their youth if not taking things a step further!

If you do have sex in the cinema please at least ensure there will be no children in there, then the worst case would be an usher would shine a torch on you and catch sight of your white bum cheeks in action to the amusement of other patrons.

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