Strange places to have sex (2)

Continuing where we left off yesterday, we are looking at the weird and wonderful places that sex toy lovers have admitted to us via a recent anonymous survey, where they have had sex with their partner or where they would like to.

While in the locations that they have identified, they may or may not have used their favourite large silicone dongs or jumbo silicone dildos. Whether they have involved their sex toys is usually more down to the logistics of the situation they are in and how much time they have got. Inevitably sex has to be a fast affair due to the chances of being discovered hence the term 'quickie' being quite apt!

Right, so moving on from sex in carparks, trains and cinemas, are next location is a swimming pool. It must be the warm water and the scantily clad swimming costumes which leave little to the imagination which get adult toy lovers so hot and horny.

One favoured place is also in the jacuzzi at the swimming pool. In this day and age you would have to be quite a brazen adult toy lover to start penetrating your partner in a swimming pool in light of the fact that, as everywhere these days, there is big brother watching you.

There is something very erotic about getting intimate in a swimming pool and it has been the fantasy of many sex toy lovers to get it on in the water. Lets just hope there's plenty of chlorine that has been added to the water as it is liable not just the odd bit of urine in the pool that will be getting deposited if sex is going on!

The next location sex toy lovers have told us that they like to get it on when they are caught short is in a public toilet. The preference seems to be for the kind in the middle of town which are generally quite large to accomadate wheelchair users.

Adult toy lovers have paid to get in, before getting semi naked and getting down and dirty. One hopes that they dont spend too much time in there as presumably these booths are on a timer and only really allow for the average person to spend a penny. Indeed if you are in there and planning on getting your adult toys out then you may be left red faced potentially as the doors open and you are stood there holding your large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo.

At least with a lot of these large public toilets, once you leave the whole of the insides is automatically washed and cleaned with disinfectant and water so it will be hygienic for the unsuspecting next visitor.

Although it may be quite exciting to have sex with your fellow adult toy lover in one of these places we've got to be honest, there are a few less romantic places surely than in the lav!

Similar to the train location, the next one is at the back of a double decker bus. CCTV seems to rain on a lot of parades these days so be careful! also generally the driver can see in all areas of the bus. That is unless perhaps you've wanted the driver to watch you!

Sex on the bus, must traditionally have something to do with the motion of being driven around similarly to being on a train. Having sex on the bus would be difficult if the top deck has lots of passengers but no doubt if it was clear you could obscure quite what you were getting up to at the back!

The last location we are looking at today in this look at strange places to have sex is quite unbelievable - at least to this writer. Adult toy lovers have told us that on occasions they have ended up getting down and dirty at the cemetery. While we think being amongst all the grave stones would have the opposite effect on peoples libido, there appear to be a few out there who this location gives them a stirring in their loins.

Perhaps it is thinking once you acknowledge death, that life is short so why not just live while you can and have some fun! Just don't get down to it during Sunday service is our advice. Oh and once you've finished you are in the right place to pray for some forgiveness.

Adult toy lovers surely love their platinum silicone dildos such as large silicone dongs but they (by all accounts) are also intrigued some of the time by sex in unconventional places. Tomorrow we continue this look at strange sex places that sex toy lovers have told us they have either engaged in or fantasized about.


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