Strange places to have sex (5)

Strange places that adult toy lovers have confessed to having sex in (or fantasies about) has thus far given us a lot of food for thought and as we have previously said, adult toy lovers are quite daring it appears.

This one has got to be up there with the most daring however, you would need some serious brass to get it on it a public phonebox. Yet, there are some adult toy lovers who have said they would love to do so. This must be a lot to do with exhibitionism because they want to put a show on. Nowadays as pretty much everyone has a mobile phone, phoneboxes are quite obsolete so perhaps that is why some adult toy lovers are thinking of alternate uses for them!

The sex toy lovers didn't stipulate, but it is of note that some phoneboxes are completely transparent and others are a little less conspicuous so who knows quite what they would prefer.

Another firm favourite seems to be in a lift. Now this is a serious ‘against the clock’ session. Assuming you were on the top floor of a high building you have got to get ready to penetrate, get in and do the job very quickly. Again, no time for large silicone dongs (or jumbo silicone dongs for that matter)to join the equation.

What we also failed to specify in our questionnaire was whether our sex toy lovers were referring to full penetrative sex or just oral sex. We feel that sex in a lift perhaps lends itself better to oral sex as that can be quicker and easier to get into and also quicker to get out of if the lift stops on another floor!

Lots of respondents have fantasised about having sex in a lift but more likely is the reality that they would find in too dangerous and the rewards would be outweighed by the risk. That said, we did have one couple who said they used to make out in glass elevators as they wanted the world to see. Indeed, some fetishists can only get aroused when they have an audience!

If you intend to have sex in a lift in might we worth seeing if you could stop the lift between floors that way you buy yourself some more time but look out again big brother is liable to be watching!

Veering slightly off course again now, we heard of other sex toy lovers (not in our survey) who have had sex in a very unusual setting. Apparently they managed to sneak in to a hospital and got into it within an operating room! We only hope that they didn’t delay any surgeries that day!

A randy couple in amongst our sex toy respondents told us that whilst on a tour of an ancient castle they disappeared off from the tour guide and found their way in to the dungeons. Presumably they were into BDSM and being in somewhere that was traditionally used for punishment and torture was just too much for them. Needless to say they got semi naked and got into things quickly before anyone knew they had wandered off. Interestingly if you are into BDSM role play then large silicone dongs and jumbo silicone dildos have been a firm favourite. They are great sex toy for submission and humiliation and prepare the anus perfectly for penetration. Just always remember to use plenty of sexual lubricant as the anus cannot lubricate itself.

If you enjoy the thrill of sex in strange places and like the feeling of being again the clock then this next one might be of interest. Sex toy lovers told us that they have had sex inside their car within the 5 minutes or so that it was being washed in an automatic car wash.

We have to admire their ingenuity and audacity. You would literally have 5 minutes to get it on and get it over. There would be no time for sex toys like jumbo silicone dongs or massive silicone dildos. Just recline the seats and penetrate and hope that it’s all over by the time the drier kicks in. Also, it would be worth checking that there is not a queue of other cars behind you waiting to get their cars cleaned in case you literally get caught with your pants down.

If you do take your partner to have sex in a car wash we recommend that you don't scrimp and go for the bronze wash. Yes that’s right you are going to have to go for the top wash – the platinum one which you never buy!

As we continue with our look at strange places to have sex, it is apparent that people must be getting very bored with the same partner, in the same location doing the same positions. One way to spice things up is crack out your adult toys. Vibrators are great as our some sex machines.

A compatible and powerful sex machine can mount your platinum silicone dildo and penetrate you tirelessly. A sex machine does not fatigue and will not ejaculate prematurely!

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