Strange places to have sex (7)

Adult toy lovers kindly completed our sex survey on where they have had sex outside the bedroom (or where they would like to).

The next location is on a rooftop. This is all about freedom and expression, daring and adventure. Being outside in a secluded area but knowing you could be overlooked and spotted. There would likely be a great adrenaline rush for both of you as you get down to it and a real feeling of liberation.

Now the next one is a little different, most people that play golf take it pretty seriously. All they are concerned with is getting their handicap down and getting a good clear round. Obviously they want to keep out of the bunkers and get plenty of birdies and no bogies. Ok enough golf lingo, the bottom line is sex toy lovers have been known to sneak onto golf courses! Yes that’s right it must be the attractive scenery often found in expensive golf clubs. Presumably the best place to get laid on a golf course is on the green with all that perfectly manicured grass!

If you are planning to have sex on a golf course our advice is be ready to leave quickly. There is likely to be very little patience and understanding for you if golfers see you having sex on their round especially if you are slowing down their game and ruining the course. You can be expected to be shouted at, sworn at and may even have golf balls whacked in your direction.

The next strange place is quite impressive. One sex toy loving pair told us that they had managed to have sex on the snow outside one winter’s morning. How on earth the man managed to get an erection when it was sub zero outside is anybodies guess. They would have had to have got some serious body heat going to stop themselves getting frost bite.

At least with fresh snow, it can make for a smooth surface to lay down on, we just hope you didn’t get any cold wet snow anywhere delicate as that would seriously put you off!

This next one is more of a fantasy for sex toy lovers as it is just too impractical. In our survey 2 couples said that they would love to have sex under a waterfall. There just aren’t that many waterfalls around unfortunately plus the chances of them being accessible plus the water not being bloody freezing!

That said we agree that it is a lovely romantic fantasy and we hope that one day you are able to achieve it.

If you and your partner are waiting for that bus to come then we hear some of you have misbehaved and started having sex in the bus shelter! Again no time for large silicone dongs or jumbo silicone dildos just a very quick one. Knowing your luck before you know it two buses will turn up and there will soon be an abundance of departing passengers suddenly around you with some raised eyebrows.

At least if you are in a bus shelter it will be a little warmer and you will keep dry if it rains but it can’t be that comfortable as after all they are usually just concrete.

If comfort is important to you then this must be the perfect fantasy place to have sex with your partner. The question is, was this response from a sex toy lover a fantasy or their reality?!

A couple have said they would like to (possibly they did…?!) shop for a new mattress and then when no-one is about quickly get on a bed and have sex right there and then. Whether the salesman would proceed to try to sell you the bed still under those circumstances or whether they would call security is another matter!

At least if you have had sex on the mattress you could tell before you bought it whether it was going to be comfortable!

The last strange place a sex toy loving couple had a cheeky sexual encounter was at a football match. Don’t worry this time there was nothing for anyone to see but needless to say there was a strategically placed coat placed over a woman’s male partner. This enabled her to get full access to his penis and thereby she was able to give him the best hand job of his life. The only difficult part was timing his orgasm with the next goal to be scored so at least he had an excuse to shout “Yes!”.

If you are receiving some hand relief at a football match just remember that you can’t look too happy if your team is losing otherwise they will think you are an away supporter in the wrong area (never a good idea). Alternatively they will think you are up to something – which quite blatantly you are!

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