Strange Sexual Fetishes Part 3

In this next article we are going to pick up where we left off yesterday by looking at the weird and wonderful sexual fetishes that are said to genuinely exist.

Chasmophilia is another truly bizarre sexual fetish. No doubt you haven’t heard of it either, but it is when an individual is said to be aroused by valleys, crevices and caverns. I think this one must have been made up! It is much more advisable to channel your sexual arousal into some solitary masturbation with a quality large silicone dong or enjoy some anal play with your partner and a jumbo silicone dildo.

Ok this next one is plain strange. If you are sexually aroused when you are dressed up as a stuffed animal which resembles a cartoon character then you are said to be into autoplusophilia. So the next time you hear someone say they love dressing up as Sonic the Hedgehog you will know why. Autoplusophilia enthusiasts love nothing more than for their partners to peg them with a huge silicone dong! John Thomas Toys have a vast range of platinum silicone dongs and dildos and they are all potentially compatible with sex harnesses. All that is required is for the harness to have a vac-u-lock adaptor. This is because when we manufacture our handcrafted adult toys we add a vacuum hole to the centre of each one.

The vacuum hole makes our sex toys very versatile. John Thomas Toys stock a range of compatible harnesses. Harnesses are great for a number of reasons. Women love to wear them for penetrative sex with their male or female partners. Men like to wear them if for example they suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. In addition, men may wear them if they want their partner to experience a longer or wider shaft than to what they are used to.

If you use a harness with your John Thomas sex toy then ensure you apply a corn starch product in to the adult toy’s cavity. This will allow you to apply and remove the large silicone dong before and after use.

John Thomas platinum silicone adult toys are also O-Ring compatible and are incredibly durable. Furthermore, they are body safe and can be sterilized in boiling water after use. They are naturally phthalate free and will not stain or tear and do not allow water to permeate inside them.

Back on to the subject matter again now, if you are into Actirasty then you are said to be sexually aroused by the sun’s rays. Personally I believe that all adult toy lovers find when the sun is shining it makes them feel happier. If you are feeling happy you are more likely to be receptive to sexual feelings, plus when it’s hot and sunny men and women wear less clothing. As more is revealed via the removal of garments it is not uncommon for arousal to sky rocket. Therefore Actirasty probably effects most adults at some time or another.

Does a good statue turn you on? For some people the answer is yes. Our customers look at our large silicone dildos and think they would love to have that up their orifice of choice. However for some, seeing a statue of Lord Nelson is sufficient to get them going apparently! Perhaps it is the size and weight of the statue, perhaps its because the statue is of a powerful being or animal. Regardless this is another strange but true phenomenon.

The next fetish we are looking at is known as Acrotomophilia. If you are sexually aroused by the stump or stumps of an amputee then this is your bag! Some men and women seek out partners specifically if they have had a limb amputated. In some cases it has also been reported that the stump has been used to penetrate the anus or vagina. Much better to use a huge silicone dong in our opinion. We have over 50 different jumbo silicone dongs available and they are all in two different levels of firmness.

Super-soft medium is the most popular firmness as it is firm but still has some give in it. There is also a super-soft firm variety. N.B we do not make very soft platinum silicone dildos as they are not suited terribly well as sex toys.

If you are aroused by watching your partner cry then this is known as Dacryphilia. This is another strange one in our opinion. Some postulate that it is because a feeling of nurturing has arisen towards their emotional partner, that sexual feelings have subsequently arisen.

Others suggest that it is a masochist tendency whereby having humiliated and punished their submissive (and willing!) partner who has been brought to tears the dominant partner has really gotten off on the proceedings. This sounds a bit much to us! Much better to enjoy some passionate anal play with our range of sex toys which include amazing anal stretchers and platinum silicone butt plugs.

Remember the anus does not self lubricate so use the Boy Butter lubricant which we give with our compliments to every one of our sex toy customers.

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