Strange Sexual Fetishes Part 6

Completing our fascinating look into the strange, weird and wonderful sexual fetishes we have a few more today.

If you love nothing more than having your eye balls licked or licking a receptive partners then you enjoy oculinctus. This is definitely not something we would recommend as the eye is such a delicate organ and if you are not careful you could seriously upset your eyesight!

Far better would be to settle down with your partner and introduce them to some top quality medical grade platinum silicone sex toys such as a butt plug or anal stretcher. These sex toys are great for anal training and can really open you up facilitating anal penetration with your partner greatly. If you do choose to engage in anal play always remember to be clean and use plenty of lubricant.

Similar to another sexual fetish we mentioned in a previous article is ursusagalmatophilia. That mouthful of a word apparently refers to the sexual fetish attributed to teddy bears. Men and women who are aroused by bears may attach harnesses to oversize bears. Then with a compatible platinum silicone dildo they can use the bear as a means to enjoy their sex toy.

Indeed, women for example may mount their oversize bear and allow the sex toy attached to vaginally or anally penetrate them as they gyrate on it.

If you are sexually aroused by machines then there is a sex fetish term just for you. Mechanophiles love all things mechanical including cars, motorbikes and planes. The perfect match for a mechanophile is using a sex machine or fucking machine.

Here there can be the fusion of their two great loves the machine and sexual arousal. By attaching a John Thomas Toys platinum silicone dildo or dong to the compatible sex machine they can be used to penetrate the anus or the vagina effectively. Platinum silicone sex toys are often quite big and heavy so it is imperative that you ensure that your sex machine can handle the size and weight of it. We would hate for you to be disappointed and unable to use your adult toy with your machine and equally we wouldn’t want you to damage your machine because the huge silicone dong was too heavy.

Usage of an appropriately sized sex toy in conjunction with a good sex machine will facilitate penetrative sex effectively. The machine will not fatigue, unlike a human partner, plus you can control the speed, depth and duration of penetration with your adult toy of choice.

Katoptronphlia is when a person becomes sexually aroused by engaging in explicit behaviour in front of a mirror. It may be sufficient for the person to be aroused at the sight of seeing a large silicone dildo penetrate their anus or vagina in the mirror that really turns them on. Alternatively, a parter may get an added thrill if they are watching the reflection of their partner masturbating with sex toys in the mirror.

The next sexual fetish we shall look at involves good old bubble wrap. While many adults love the sensation of popping bubble wrap with purely innocent intentions, others enjoy taking it that step further.

Within their sex play activities usually involving sex toys or adult toys, enthusiasts are known to wrap themselves in bubble wrap. They are liable to wear bubble wrap perhaps as an improvised form of underwear. In addition bubble wrap fetishists may lay bubble wrap down on their bed so that as they engage in sex the bubbles pop.

Many bubble wrap lovers enjoy nothing more than masturbating with layers of bubble wrap around them or by wrapping bubble wrap around their large silicone dong prior to insertion.

For that added thrill why not warm up or cool down your huge silicone dildo first. You can do this because they are all made from body safe medical grade platinum silicone.

In addition, when you have finished you can quickly and easily clean your adult toy by putting in the dishwasher. Alternatively if you want peace of mind that your sex toy has been sterilized, then you can put it in boiling water and then allow to dry.

Once dry we recommend placing in a sealed plastic container to prevent hairs and dust being attracted to it. That way you know your sex toy is ready to go the next time you have another bubble wrap moment of weakness.

John Thomas Toys have over 15 years experience in the adult toy industry and if you have any comments or questions we would love to hear from you.

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