Strip Clubs

There has always been the desire for men and women to see other adults of either sex naked, purely for their own enjoyment and arousal. Indeed, some sex toy lovers, we are led to believe, regularly attend strip clubs as a means to gain some pleasure or titillation.

A strip club for those sheltered individuals that do not know, is a place you can visit to view men or women erotically remove their clothing either onstage in-front of an audience or in more personal manner via a ‘private dance’.

Strip clubs are where the ‘lap dance’ presumably originated. A lap dance is basically a highly sexually suggestive and seductive movement of the body which is performed to arouse you. It may involve the ‘dancer’ moving and gyrating every part of her body through which they can entice you.

Adult toy lovers who receive a lap dance may or may not be touched by the dancer. As the recipient you are not allowed to touch them or you can expect to be removed!

If the dancer touches you during their dance they may move their bum or other sexual parts of their body in to very close proximity of you, they may brush against you deliberately or in passing. Essentially this dance is geared to arouse you so that you pay for another dance!

There are strip clubs around the world and in most major cities this is because sex is such a strong biological motivational force within us as human beings and all adults crave it at some time in their lives.

It may be that some adult toy lovers are single and want to be around attractive adults and be able to watch and fantasise about them getting naked for their pleasure.

Some sex toy loving adults go to strip clubs apparently because they use it to generally get them aroused prior to having sex with their partner. Going to a strip club with your partner is comparable to watching porn with them in that it gets you both excited sexually and prepares you for penetration potentially.

Going to a strip club can be a fun night out with friends or even alone if you desire some company but be prepared to watch your bank balance diminish.

As an alternative why not invest your money into some sex toys or adult toys.

Sex toys such as platinum silicone dildos e.g. a large silicone dildo or massive silicone dong can be used for anal or vaginal play or penetration. John Thomas Toys stock over 50 different designs all in 4 different sizes from small to extra large. The small platinum silicone dildos are 7” long whereas the extra large silicone dildos are 16” long.

All our adult toy dildos, dongs, butt plugs and anal stretchers come with a vacuum hole. This enables the toy to be attached to a compatible sex machine (also known as a fucking machine).

Although, it is advisable to ensure the sex toy you plan to use with the machine is not too big or too heavy. Some of our sex toys are massive silicone dongs and will be too weighty for even the most sophisticated and expensive machine to carry and operate effectively.

Furthermore, if the sex toy is of improper proportions you could damage the machine and invalidate it’s warranty.

Investing in a quality sex machine which is vac-u-lock compatible and then buying an appropriately sized sex toy attachment means you can receive the pleasure of anal or vaginal penetration in the comfort of your own home. Furthermore, you no longer need a physical sexual partner to be present to indulge yourself.

For men who do not enjoy anal play then there are a variety of male masturbators which may be suitably attached to your machine.

The best thing about a sex machine harnessing your favourite platinum silicone dildo is that it will go and go. It will stay hard and won’t run out of steam as you get your groove on. You control the speed and possibly the thrust depth and power behind each thrust.

If that’s not for you and you just love the thrill of going to a strip club then that’s fair enough. This writers advice is only take the money with you you can afford to go home without! And realise that the lap dancers are essentially only after your money and will not want to date you outside of the club..unless you are highly affluent and look like a model!!

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