Synthetic Pubic Hair

Updated: May 13, 2020

John Thomas Toys always strive to deliver innovative products of a high calibre. Indeed, we are always looking at ways to improve the customer experience – whether it is the ease with which you can contact us or the quality of the product you receive.

Having had over 15 years experience within the adult toy industry we use that knowledge to deliver exactly what the customer is looking for and endeavour to look after them from their initial interest in a product, all the way to after sales customer care in the months or years ahead.

We realise that a lot of customers intend to buy our platinum silicone dongs and large silicone dildos to use with a harness or sex machine. Although most of our sex toys will fit for this type of usage, they will not always be best suited. Therefore we strongly encourage our customers to get in touch with us prior to ordering to ensure that we help guide them into the best purchase for their requirements.

If are using your sex toy with a harness or fucking machine then it is prudent to invest in some dry lubricant – vac-u-powder- as this is poured into the adult toy’s cavity and facilitates application and removal of the vac-u-lock plug. Furthermore, for all anal play a sexual lubricant is essential. In regard to these two requirements you will see that we stock powder and intimate lubricants making it convenient for the customer to make all necessary purchases at one time and in one place.

Another new way in which we intend to give the customer the best possible experience is with a new product we have been working on. It is known as Synthetic Pubic Hair and enables you to totally customize your platinum silicone dong or huge silicone dildo.

The hair itself is made from nylon and delicately attached to a lace netting and helps to create an authentic look to your favourite sex toy or adult toy.

The product itself is available in 2 different sizes. There is a small size which is to be used for platinum silicone dildos of the 7” and 9” variety. The large size is for our massive silicone dongs and huge silicone dildos in the size ranges of 12” and 16” respectively.

The synthetic hair is actually very easy to apply, all you need to do is place a small amount of the free adhesive to the back of the lace netting and position it upon your platinum silicone dildo. You may even cut it to the correct size, width or style which you feel adorns your sex toy the most aesthetically. In the event that you wish to remove the hair at a later stage, your purchase would also come with a free bottle of adhesive remover.

We would like to point out that this product is only to be used with your platinum silicone dildo or large silicone dong. It must not be used on the human body nor with low quality sex toys which are not platinum silicone dildos.

With the hair attached, you will notice that you have personalised your adult toy and also made it look more authentic – so hopefully, the next time you are pleasuring yourself with it you will enjoy the experience more as a consequence.

When you are in a position to order your first platinum silicone dong or massive silicone dildo, simply scroll to the bottom of the products page to find the optional synthetic hair.

To select the synthetic hair you need to choose from the choice of sizes and then add to your basket.

Platinum silicone dongs and platinum silicone dildos made by John Thomas Toys are all of a medical grade quality. As a consequence, our sex toys are body safe and will not produce an allergic reaction. Furthermore, they are non-porous, stain resistant and unlikely to tear. They are simple to clean and can even be placed in boiling hot water to sterilize. If you look after your adult toy then you will truly be amazed at how durable they are. The good news is that after your investment you can use it time after time with peace of mind that it won’t let you down!

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