Texting fetish

Most adult toy lovers who play with their platinum silicone dongs have a mobile phone. But unbeknownst to some, there are many adults who love nothing more than having a text fetish.

What is a text fetish we hear you asking! Basically, while more often than not a text message can be quite boring (e.g. “Reclaim your PPI”, or “running late ring you later”) there are those adults who use the humble text message as a powerful means of sexual expression.

Therefore instead of using text messages for their intended purpose of basic communication, many people use this medium as a means of sending flirty or sexually suggestive messages to each other.

Texting fetish practitioners can gain immense sexual arousal and satisfaction from receiving a text message which could have mild innuendo or be extremely graphic.

It could be that the adult toy loving adult may send a text as simple as “you’re in trouble when I get you home” with a wink at the end. This may be enough to arouse their partner and serve as early foreplay before they make love when they are reunited.

Alternatively as we said it could be graphic “the dungeon is set up and I am going to whip you into submission”. Many adults get a lot of sexual stimulation from sending and receiving sexually suggestive or flirty text messages. Indeed many celebrities have gotten in hot water with their spouses when such text exchanges have come to light usually due to some lovely tabloid publishing them.

If you are into text fetish then sending and receiving sexually suggestive texts can be enjoyable for both parties. If you and your partner are away from each other they are a good way to keep the connection and chemistry alive.

If you are a practitioner of BDSM then using text messages can be a convenient way to tell your submissive partner what too do. “you may go to the toilet now” could be an example in which the dominant partner gives them permission to finally relieve themselves!

Text fetish is also quite big business and there are numerous companies online who promise for only a slightly exorbitant fee you can receive an erotic text message from the man or woman of your dreams.

If you do pay to receive suggestive text messages then possibly it would be better to not waste your money there and instead invest in a quality sex toy such as a platinum silicone dong.

All of John Thomas Toys platinum silicone adult toys have a vacuum hole. This hole means that they are potentially compatible with sex machines or fucking machines which employ the vac-u-lock system.

We recommend investing in a high quality sex machine such as a Shockspot and using it in conjunction with your platinum silicone dildo (check specifications of machine and toy to ensure they will work well together e.g. not too heavy etc.).

Having your platinum silicone dildo attached to your sex machine means you need ever be sexually frustrated again. Indeed you can then receive endless anal or vaginal penetration which you control the speed and depth of plus the duration.

Texting fetish with your partner is a great way to keep things fun in your relationship and can prepare the ground for fun when you are reunited.

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