The P Spot

While there is plenty of discussion on the controversial topic of the female G

Spot, less can be said for the male equivalent which is known as the P-Spot.

Known as the P-Spot because it refers to the male Prostate gland, the P-Spot is found inside the man’s anus. To reach it you have to go in about 1-2 inches deep via the anus. The general description of the P-Spot is referred to a resembling a walnut in terms of size and is smooth to the touch.

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The Prostate gland is where the man stores his semen and therefore it is deemed very healthy for a man to have a P-Spot orgasm. Cleansing the prostate via orgasm has been linked to reducing the chances of developing prostate cancer.

To find your P-Spot we first recommend emptying the bowels and then thoroughly cleaning the area via an anal douche or enema.

Next you have to enter the anus - at this point lots of lubricant is required. It is of worth noting that the anus (unlike the vagina) does not self lubricate.

To aid penetration of the anus, massage of the perineum is helpful especially when you are first getting used to anal play. One of the most important things we can recommend when experimenting with anal play is to relax.

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Now you have played around a little with the anus and the Prostate, perhaps initially using a finger, it may well be time to introduce something a little more substantial.

JohnThomasToys have an amazing range of over 50 platinum silicone body safe adult toys and many of which are perfectly geared to facilitate stimulation of the P-Spot.

JohnThomas sex toys come in 4 different sizes (small, medium, large and extra large). When you first start out you may well like to stick to a small silicone dong but as you become more seasoned a medium, large or extra large silicone dildo may be more appropriate.

With every adult toy you order from JohnThomasToys you will receive a free 4oz tub of Boy Butter personal lubricant which we highly recommend using.

With the use of adult toys involving the anus please do not be tempted to use any creams or lotions which numb the area as you may inadvertently injure yourself and not reaslise.

P-Spot stimulation alone during solitary masturbation, or with a partner can be very enjoyable so please do not be put off from venturing into this area of the body which many of a different generation think is taboo.

Because regular male orgasms help keep a man healthy and boost his immune system we recommend having an enjoyable and fulfilling sex life whether you are in a relationship or not.

JohnThomasToys are the ideal companion for all your anal pleasures and we pride ourselves on our customer service and quality of product.

We always bill discretely and package discretely too so you will feel relaxed at every point of being our customer.

Please be gentle and patient with your body as you introduce sex toys and adult toys and if you feel any pain or discomfort stop.

Also imperative is giving your body a chance to rest and recover following anal play and in particular anal stretching with platinum silicone dongs.

Please view our entire exhaustive range of platinum silicone dildos and feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions.

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