Thunderstorm fetish

Looking at sexual fetishes which some adult toy lovers of platinum silicone dongs enjoy ,has been quite an enlightening journey. There are some sex toy lovers who simply have mild eroticisms with things like putting melted chocolate on their partner’s body. At the other end of the spectrum there are those who put electrodes on each others nipples!

Whether you like a huge silicone dong or massive silicone dildo please read on as we move to today’s topic.

Today sex toy enthusiasts, we are looking at those adults who have a sexual fetish or preference to have sex when there is a thunderstorm going on.

Those with this fetish are never truly able to indulge and let go of their sexual desires unless they are witnessing a good storm.

Thunderstorms are obviously not available on request, that is unless perhaps you live somewhere which have them regularly.

In order for a thunderstorm to happen there needs to be plenty of warm air which is humid (carrying water particles). As a consequence there are a lot more thunderstorms around the equator which is the ring round the centre of the earth.

Therefore sex toy lovers unless you live in areas such as the Amazon rainforest your fetish is unlikely to be available very often!

Some sex toy lovers of this fetish masturbate at home with their large silicone dongs or massive silicone dildos whilst listening to the sounds of a pre-recorded thunderstorm.

Before, during and after a thunderstorm the atmosphere outside changes, the pressure seems to build before it is violently released. This may mirror what is going on inside the person’s body too. Just as high pressure has built into an electric storm it may be that suppressed sexual desire has accumulated and needs to be released in order for the adult toy lover to feel calm and satisfied.

Those that are in sexual relationships with a partner may, at the onset of a storm quickly usher their partner to the bedroom. They then may open windows and curtains so they are exposed as much as possible to the storm.

As the rain lashes down and the thunder rumbles they can then begin their sexual indulgence probably with large silicone dildos or huge silicone dongs.

If the thunderstorm fetish enthusiast is in tune with the storm sufficiently then they may be able to time their orgasm to hit at just the moment that lightening occurs outside.

Those that follow this fetish say they feel 100% alive when they are making love during a thunderstorm. The storm leaves them feeling liberated and free and seems to cause a primal change in them which they love.

For those that are really daring, there is the possibility to make love outside in the rain during the storm. While many argue that this is a pivotal erotic experience which can never be surpassed, common sense says it may not be a good idea as during an electrical storm there is the possibility of injury or even death if you are hit by lightening or something such as a tree is blown over.

Perhaps if you are adamant that you are going to have sex outside in the storm remember to wear hard hats and rubber boots!

Far better would be to find some authentic thunderstorm music and set an electric fan on high and mock up your own version!

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