Trampling Fetish

Some adult toy lovers who enjoy their large silicone dildos or jumbo silicone dongs enjoy nothing more than a good trampling when they get home.

What is trampling fetish we hear you ask?!

Unsurprisingly, trampling fetish involves your partner walking over you (literally!)

If you are into trampling fetish then you may incorporate it with adult toys such as platinum silicone dongs.

In a typical trampling fetish scenario, one person is liable to be laying down on the floor. The other person (who does the trampling) then proceeds to walk over their body.

Depending on what sort of trampling you enjoy receiving or giving will determine where you take this fetish which some adult toy lovers enjoy.

At the entry level gentle trampling may involve walking over your partners hands or feet.

At a more extreme level you could literally have every area of your body trampled.

Men could have their penis or scrotum trampled over or their face and head.

The premise behind trampling seems once again to be geared towards punishment, humiliation and power which we know is part of BDSM.

From our limited research it seems that trampling is more likely to be done by women upon men. The men are liable to find it degrading and humiliating and if they are a sadist then would therefore enjoy it in many ways including sexually.

Trampling may occur with just you and your partner. Under other circumstances it may be that the man (or woman) is trampled by many people systematically.

Within trampling fetish which some sex toy lovers enjoy (although boring as ever John Thomas Toys does not endorse) there is another variation.

Some people like to be trampled bare footed. If you are seriously into trampling fetish then you may enjoy your partner trampling you whilst wearing shoes or boots with very sharp high heels.

Trampling fetish seems akin to people who love feet as it obviously involves being walked over. Therefore if you enjoy trampling then you probably have a fetish for leather boots for example. Other trampling enthusiasts may prefer to be trampled in big work boots or whilst their partner wears stockings or specific socks.

If you are going to be trampled on we would advise you get your partner to go easy on your throat and face in particular.

Many men who love cock and ball torture are liable to want their penis’ and testicles trampled over and find it highly arousing!?

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