Transvestic Fetishism – cross dressing fetishism

We resume once again looking at fetishes which some lovers of sex toys or adult toys are interested in or curious to read about. Those who love platinum silicone dongs have many ways in which they express their sexuality. Today we are looking at Transvestic Fetishism.

Transvestic Fetishism is an erotic sexual fetish whereby an adult dresses up in the opposite sexes clothing in order to elicit a sexual response and sexual satisfaction.

An example of Transvestic Fetishism is of a man who likes to wear complete women’s underwear. They may also wear high heels. They are then liable to look at themselves in the mirror and find it highly arousing.

From here, they are liable to want to introduce a sex toy or adult toy into their appreciation of their new enhanced ‘look’. Indeed, they may for example like to insert a large platinum silicone dong anally or an alternative platinum silicone dong perhaps of a greater girth.

Some adults who are aroused by this fetish do so in private at home and masturbate alone with their sex toy such as a male masturbator. Others, adopt an online persona with a new name and profile and talk to other like minded individuals.

Those that are drawn to Transvestic Fetishism may have a circle of acquaintances which they have made on the internet. They may trade intimate pictures of each other to arouse one another. Indeed, they may look at pictures of themselves or other like minded people while being penetrated with their sex toy attached to a sex machine or fucking machine.

Some followers of this fetish completely alter their appearance with wigs and makeup and clothing so that they are otherwise unrecognisable. Under the guise of their cross dressing they can create an alter ego who is more confident and extrovert and go on to have sexual conquests.

It is hard to identify exactly why these adult toy lovers are drawn to cross dressing. Some say it is because they are facing uncertainties regarding their sexuality. Others suggest they are clear on their orientation but they are just curious.

It may be that – assuming the cross dresser is a straight male – they predominantly wear a uniform or clothing for work which is practical and unflattering and that they see their spouse wearing lovely materials which enhance the contours of her body.

Perhaps they are just dying to try out their partners beauty products and clothing because it is a turn on for both partners.

It may be that the fetishist – if they are female – likes to cross dress as it makes them feel empowered. Indeed, it may be that wearing for example a man’s shirt and tie makes them feel able to express an otherwise repressed longing to be in control.

Some women who cross dress enjoy using a large silicone dong in conjunction with a sex harness. The sex harness needs to be vac-u-lock compatible in order to hold a John Thomas Toys platinum silicone dong. It is able to secure it because our platinum silicone dongs have an inbuilt vacuum hole. While are sex toys are not vac-u-lock, they are vac-u-lock compatible and they can therefore be attached to a vac-u-lock adaptor on the harness.

With a suitable sex toy attached the woman can then proceed to not only dress like a man but also carry a penis. From here she can, if she so wishes, penetrate her male (or female) partner anally.

The action of female penetration of a man’s anus is known as pegging and women and men report it is invigorating for both parties to partake in.

Sometime the male partner who is pegged is liable to feel humiliated. If the couple enjoy BDSM then they are both likely to get off on this fact. One partner enjoys the power and dominance, the other likes being controlled and punished sexually.

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