War Head Platinum Silicone Anal Stretcher

Looking like something out of the military comes the War Head created for your delectation.

While suitable for vaginal penetration, the War Head’s main design is for anal penetration and in particular anal stretching.

Aesthetically, the War Head looks rather like military ‘ammunition’ but it certainly does pack some fire power and there’s no doubt there is going to be some explosions whenever it’s unleashed.

The War Head is quite a simple design for an anal stretcher but often simple is best as the dildo designs are tried and tested and proven to be comfortable and effective.

All John Thomas Toys are handcrafted and made using 3D software and 3D printers. From here expensive copper molds are made and medical grade platinum silicone is hand poured in.

Because our adult toys are of such a high quality they all come with a remarkable ‘quibble free’ return policy in the unlikely event that they should develop a fault within a year of purchase.

At time of purchase you may if you wish extend this warranty to 3 years or even lifetime protection. As platinum silicone makes for an expensive sex toy it is often prudent to opt for the longer warranty as then you have both protected your investment and given yourself peace of mind.

Start off very gradually with anal sex, especially when using large silicone dildos and always use plenty of lubricant.

Empty the bowels and clean the area appropriately before you start.

It may also be of use if you read up a little on the anatomy of the anus, rectum and surrounding muscles and tissues, so you can be more in tune with the sensations and structures involved.

Never force an anal stretcher and always give your body plenty of time to recover from a jumbo silicone dong session. We suggest not having a large silicone dildo in for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

War Head’s tapered head when sufficiently lubed up will slip through your sphincter muscle effortlessly whereby you can massage your prostate also known as your P-Spot (in men).

War Head can be sterilized in boiling water and warmed up or cooled down prior to insertion.

For versatility War Head has a vacuum hole enabling it’s use with a compatible harness of sex machine.

A harness is a great way to engage the War Head. You female partner may for example wish to wear the harness and penetrate you anally. This practice is known as Pegging and can be incredibly liberating for both partners.

If you are particularly interested in anal stretching then please note the War Head comes in 12” and 16” versions which are great for this purpose. Furthermore, you are liable to love the anal gape which the War Head can achieve when the 16” version is slowly removed from your anus following a pleasurable period of insertion.

N.B Please allow 3-6 hours for the anus to return to it’s original dimensions prior to insertion and remember if used irresponsibly these anal stretchers can cause personal injury.

John Thomas Toys offer all of our sex toys in two levels of firmness. The most popular is known as SuperSoft Medium. There is also a SuperSoft Firm variety but we do not manufacture a ‘soft’ version as we believe overly soft adult toys are not the best choice for penetrative sex.

The War Head is a great anal stretching adult toy to really open you up and get those satisfying anal stretches you love to indulge in.

In between session we recommend leaving at least 3 or 4 days to allow your body to rest and recover from the jumbo silicone dildos you have been inserting!

N.B Regular use of large anal stretchers may lead to a permanent change in the external appearance of the anus/sphincter muscle. However, body modification enthusiasts are liable to see that as another positive reason to use anal stretchers.

John Thomas Toys produce our massive silicone dongs in accordance to safe and sustainable material production while caring for the environment and reducing our carbon footprint.

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