In this article we are going to look at the fetish known as ‘Watersports’.

Watersports is the sexual fetish of enjoying and being aroused by elements to do with urine.

The official term for this is Urolagnia. Both men and women can enjoy watersports and it is actually quite common.

If you enjoy watersports then it is likely that you will also enjoy incorporating sex toys and adult toys with your play. The best range of sex toys is brought to you by John Thomas Toys. All of our range is made from body safe medical grade platinum silicone. We offer a comprehensive catalogue of adult toys which can be used for vaginal or anal penetration or even anal stretching using our jumbo silicone dongs.

Watersports enthusiasts report sexual arousal when they see someone urinating or possibly if they can smell fresh urine. They may enjoy the sensation of urinating on their partner or vice versa.

It is unknown exactly why sexual arousal can be generated by the act of urinating yet there are plenty of practitioners.

If you were to urinate on your partner then this is referred to as giving a ‘golden shower’. Both the recipient and the person in charge of the proceedings report pleasure and excitement during the act.

If is possible that the act of urination on another links in with another sexual fantasy behaviour illustrated in BDSM. Through the act of weeing on someone you are in effect dominating them (akin to animal behaviour) and furthermore you are humiliating them which someone who enjoys discipline would get off on.

Some enthusiasts take their love of urination (also known as excretion) to the next level and they may actually consume either their own or their partners urine. For medical and hygiene reasons this is not recommended.

A pre-cursor or foreplay to sexual intercourse may involve water sports enthusiasts watching each other urinate in their clothing or urinating in public.

Urinating in public could get you arrested so be careful and please consider your potential audience so it doesn’t contain any minors.

It has been suggested that those who enjoy watersports predominately enjoy the liberation of letting go of their urine or perhaps it brings them back to carefree days as a child when you could - for a time - go where you wanted when you wanted!

However you enjoy watersports please do so responsibly and hygienically. John Thomas Toys have a fabulous range of platinum silicone dildos which will compliment your watersports sex games.

The entire range is O-Ring and vac-u-lock compatible meaning that they can be used in conjunction with compatible harnesses and fucking machines.

Perhaps you could experiment with watersports and having a large silicone dong penetrate your partner with a sex machine as you give him a golden shower. If you love humiliating and dominating your willing partner then this would definitely be a great experience.

John Thomas Toys stock platinum silicone dildos along with silicone stretchers (for anal stretching) and silicone plugs (also known as butt plugs).

We only ever use the finest materials for our large silicone dongs as we are aware that cheaper materials such as latex, pvc or tpe have their associated health risks and disadvantages.

With every sex toy you purchase from us you will receive a complimentary 4oz tub of Boy Butter intimate sexual lubricant. Lubricant is particularly important if you use your adult toys for anal play. This is because unlike the vagina, the anus does not self lubricate.

If you are new to sex toys then please build up slowly. We offer our entire range in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. Extra large is 16” long and not for the feint-hearted or the amateur.

Please also be aware that jumbo silicone dongs are very big and heavy and may not be suitable for your intended use. If in doubt please contact us before you purchase and our friendly sales team will be happy to advise.

In the event you receive your goods and they are not to your requirements then provided you have not opened the shrink wrap and return them to us in complete re-saleable condition, then we will arrange a refund or exchange in accordance with the 2015 Consumer’s Regulation Act.

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