Wrestling SEXUAL fetishes

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

We are resuming our amusing articles looking at weird and wonderful fetishes because many sex toy lovers find them interesting. So regardless of whether you prefer a large silicone dong or jumbo silicone dildo there may be something which you will be drawn to.

Next adult toy lovers we are looking at wrestling fetish! As we have identified, a fetish is when sexual gratification is linked to either a particular body part, item of clothing or some behaviour. In this instance we are talking about wrestling.

It may well be that adults are turned on by all the tight lycra which these wrestlers commonly wear or perhaps it is something more primal in watching two people trying to over-power one another.

There is certainly a lot of items of clothing attire which are associated with wrestling which can include face masks of which equivalent items are worn in a BDSM scenario.

Those that have a wrestling fetish may find their appeal in a wide variety of ways.

From a basic level, adult toy lovers may just get really aroused watching the more traditional forms of wrestling which would have been two muscular men trying to strangle each other and beat each other into submission.

Indeed it may be that men or women are aroused by watching for example John Cena or The Rock.

Alternatively, there are people who enjoy nothing more that actually partaking in wrestling but on these occasions they will have to put their sex toys down and get ready for a different kind of action.

One form of wrestling which either one or both parties gain sexual gratification from is when men wrestle women. It may be that the men want to be humiliated by the women who are usually very athletic. Perhaps the man is not very muscular and therefore the woman can dominate him – leaving him overpowered but enamored!

Aside from women wrestling men, the is also a strong audience demand to see two women wrestling. Feasibly heterosexual men would want to watch lesbian women wrestling and it would be of no surprise if they found it stimulating.

Another form of wrestling with mixed sexes might take the humiliation a step further. It may not be enough for the physically stronger woman to make the man ‘tap out’ it may be that she humiliates him, by for example sitting with her backside on his face or putting her breasts into his mouth to demonstrate power. One can imagine many men would enjoy this sort of thing!

For the less serious wrestling enthusiast who gained arousal from watching, it may be that these adult toy lovers prefer to watch two women having naked pillow fights.

In addition, there is a demand from the audience to see men and women not just wrestling but also boxing and kickboxing and this could be enough to create a lot of sexual arousal.

There is something very primal in watching two people fight and it is not surprising to this writer at least that many people find it stimulating.

Furthermore, some adult toy lovers may find it interesting that sometimes the victor in a wrestling fetish scenario may automatically become the dominant partner in their BDSM role play.

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