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J-Jelly® (293g)

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J-lube® was originally designed & manufactured for veterinary purposes, but is also used as/for:-

- Sexual Lubricant (ideal for fisting/stretching)

- Lube Wrestling

- Slime

- Movie Special FX

- Giant Bubble ennthusiasts

J-Jelly® is the lazy man/woman's J-Lube® as it comes pre-made in a thick gel rather than a powder that you have to mix.


Easy to clean - J-Jelly® is easily removed with water. A small amount of table salt added to the hands as a powdered hand soap will facilitate removal of all traces of the lubricant.





  • Product dimensions: 15,6 x 8,5 x 4 cm
  • Product weight: 293 gram
  • Product volume: 240 ml
  • Ingredients: Propyl, methyl parahydroxy benzoate.
  • EAN Code: 723754109606
  • Made in USA

J-Jelly® (293g)

SKU: J109F
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