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X LUBE (100g)

X LUBE is the safest, slickest, sexiest lubricant you will ever experience.

Ideal for fisting & large toy play.

We are delighted & honored to be an official UK stockist for X LUBE.

We at John Thomas Toys rate this product ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

100% pure and long-lasting X Lube is an easy-mix concentrated powder granulated lubricant, containing no sugars, bulking agents and certainly NO ADDITIVES.

Without sugars and salts you can be sure that the lube is not dehydrating or irritating delicate skin tissue. It also means that X LUBE will never stain fabrics or leaves any sticky residue that is difficult to clean away.

For your most intense personal pleasures; mixing X LUBE is made to dissolve instantly into a slicker, thicker, altogether better lubricant gel. Just add to water, shake to mix, wait a little and you are ready to go. For a fantastic cushioning lube experience, add a second lid of powder or reduce the amount of water.


  • White lube powder-granulates, dissolve easily in water producing a clear gel
  • Easy to mix, easy to clean, very economical: one bottle (100g) makes 20+ litres
  • Extremely long lasting, cushioning lube with a natural feel
  • Free of sugars, additives, fillers, odours and any tastes
  • ASIN: B00LSUP1I2
  • certified as non-cytotoxic (ISO10993-5)
  • Made in Germany

X LUBE (100g)

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