Good Boy Platinum Silicone Butt Plug

John Thomas Toys have well and truly done it again. Talk about an original and fun platinum silicone butt plug! This is awesome, original and deeply effective for anal play.

The Good Boy platinum silicone butt plug is inspired by a dog’s tail and when you pop him up your jacksy you will certainly want to wag with delight!

Indeed if you love the puppy fetish then this may well be the perfect sex toy for you and your partner to invest in.

Perhaps your partner has been a good boy all day and he deserves nothing more than you slipping this Good Boy platinum silicone butt plug inside his butt.

Or perhaps you can use it initially for some serious anal play.. the choice is yours but one thing is for sure once he’s inserted you going to start howling in euphoria.

Good Boy platinum silicone butt plug is a quality body safe adult toy from our range of butt plugs. If you enjoy large silicone butt plugs then we also have another 5 sex toys designed just for that purpose in this set.

Good Boy butt plug comes in 4 wonderful sizes to allow progress through the range once you are comfortable and confident. We recommend starting with the small 7” version and you can slowly build up through the 9” version, 12” and 16” version respectively.

The 16” version of this sex toy is a massive silicone butt plug so please don’t attempt it unless you are well experienced.

As with all anal toys and indeed anal sex, you must apply a lot of lubricant as the anus cannot lubricate itself regardless of sexual arousal in the body. Each sex toy we sell comes with a brilliant personal lubricant and we have lots in stock if you find yourself running out!

Whenever you use Good Boy platinum silicone butt plug you will notice the great detailing we have achieved on it through our employment of copper molds in the manufacturing process which also involves 3D computers and 3D printers.

Good Boy has a robust handle so you can achieve a great level of purchase upon it as you slip it inside your anus. This sex toy is great to use with a partner handheld. If alternatively, you prefer the hands free approach it is O-Ring and Vac-U-Lock compatible. This means that potentially it can be used with any compatible sex harness or sex machine (also known as fucking machines).

We advise all customer to check the specifications of sex toys and adult toys on our website prior to purchasing. This is because in particular the 12” and 16” versions of our sex toys are very big and very heavy and may not necessarily be suited for your requirements. We would hate for you to be disappointed once you receive your order as we highly value customer satisfaction and if you are not happy then neither are we!

If in the event that you ordered a large silicone butt plug - or indeed a huge silicone dildo for that matter - and it turned out to be to big, we have a quick and easy return process for our customers. We ask that you contact us in the first instance to obtain an RMA number and provided you have not opened the factory shrink wrap on the sex toy then we are happy to exchange or refund in accordance with the 2015 Consumer Rights Act.

Customer feedback upon the Good Boy platinum silicone butt plug has been really positive so far. The uniquely original design has proven effective and this cheeky sex toy has a lot of character.

Good Boy has been made from body safe medical grade platinum silicone and designed to please.

All our sex toys come with a 365 days quibble free return policy so that if they developed a fault we would simply exchange for another brand new equivalent adult toy. Terms and conditions do apply – please view them in full here:

As always is the case, before inserting Good Boy (or any anal toys) we strongly recommend you empty the bowels and clean the area thoroughly with an anal douche or enema.

When your play time is over clean Good Boy in hot soapy water and then leave in boiling water to sterilize. You can only do this with medical grade platinum silicone but this gives you peace of mind. After all cleanliness is next to Godliness.

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