Grab Some Lube

Lube is an often overlooked sex accessory that is capable of taking your masturbatory or sex sessions to new levels of enjoyment.

I am speaking from experience here as I go through a lot of the stuff, some good, some excellent and of course some I wouldn't touch again.

This post will explain why lube is perfect for all genders. Lube makes everything much more enjoyable so let me tell you why.

Why use lube?

Lube reduces friction, and this can be important for mucous membranes, especially when tackling larger sex toys or even fisting.

Reducing friction will help to prevent damage to the tissue in the form of micro-abrasions and lead to a much more pleasant masturbatory or sexual experience.

Lubes makes vaginal sex better in so many ways, and it is great for wanking too. Add a couple of drops to your fingers and let them tease and smooth it over your sensitive areas to see what I mean.

It is essential when enjoying anal sex as that area doesn't produce its own lubrication, and the tissue is very delicate. Just the mention of the words "Dry Anal Sex" makes me cringe. Lube makes insertion more comfortable, and it also means you can enjoy longer play sessions before getting sore.

Now I am going to make some suggestions for lubes that are perfect for several different play types.

Vaginal Play

Firstly let's talk about vaginal sex and masturbation. One lube that has a cult following amongst devotees of fisting fun is J-Lube . It's supplied as a powder, you just add water to form a delightfully slippery lube that is free from glycerine, fragrance and parabens.

It's perfect for general masturbation but comes into its own with giant dildos, fisting and even anal play too. It is incredibly versatile and also very cost-effective. One bottle of the powder is enough to make up 11 litres of lube. So, bring on those giant John Thomas Toys dildos and plugs.

If you don't fancy making up your own lube, then it's also available in the form of J-Jelly , a pre-mixed bottle that contains 240 ml of the delightfully slippery lube. These bottles are great to keep in a play bag ready for immediate use for those moments when you have the horn and just have to get stuck in right away.

Anal Play

As everyone has an anus, we can all enjoy some quality anal lube when playing. The difference between good and bad anal lube is like night and day, though. Luckily John Thomas Toys stock some of the best ones out there, and they all come highly recommended.

Take Bottom Butter for instance, this is a hybrid water and oil-based lube that is long-lasting and great for anal play. As well as having a fun name, this lube will ensure your anal play sessions are just as fun. The only downside is that this one isn't condom safe or suitable for use with silicone toys. But for fingers and fists it's a winner.

If you need a condom friendly anal lube, then try Fist It Numbing which is supplied in a 1-litre bottle, great for extended play sessions. This one is specially formulated to desensitise and is latex condom friendly too.

I have to mention another cult favourite, and it isn't even a lube at all. However, it does often get used as one. If you are looking for something different but effective, then check out Crisco All Vegetable Shortening.

It's a fat-based bakery product that is good in the kitchen and also in and around your back doors. This long-lasting and versatile product is perfect for fisting and anal play where its smooth, slippery nature will be undoubtedly welcomed.

I can't see this use for it appearing on The Great British Bake Off, but it would undoubtedly see ratings soar if it did.

Cum Play

Lube feels good, but if like me you have a bit of a cum fixation then you are going to love Tom Of Finland "Seaman Lube". This water-based lube looks, feels and smells just like its namesake - cum. The texture of it feels incredible, and when it leaks out of you, it feels just like the real thing.

Ideal for use in dildos with cum tubes like the incredible Sampson Dildo, it's just the lube to choose when you want to enjoy some sticky creampie fun and games.

Fill your syringe with Seaman Lube to apply it exactly where you need it when playing, before relishing the feeling of pumping yourself full of it at the point of orgasm.

Jacking or Jilling Off

Lube is great for jacking or jilling off. It doesn't matter if you are using your hand or a sex toy, add some lube to make what you are doing feel even better.

I always use lube and go through bottles and bottles of the stuff. Why? Because it just makes everything better. Why stay dry when you can lube up and glide.

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