vac-u-lock Black Handle by doc johnson

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

John Thomas Toys love to introduce complimentary products which enhance the use of our own ones. One of our favoured manufacturers is the fabulous Doc Johnson. They have been producing quality sex toys and adult toys since the mid 1970’s and their items are highly recommended.

As you may be aware, the majority of our platinum silicone dongs and large silicone dildos come with what we refer to as a vacuum hole. Essentially this is a small canal or opening inside the base of the sex toy.

This vacuum hole compliments the introduction of a vac-u-lock plug perfectly. Doc Johnson make vac-u-lock products, ours can be used with them but we do not make vac-u-lock items ourselves.

As we have mentioned in a previous article, many customers love to use their sex toys with a partner through the incorporation of a compatible harness. If you have no experience with harnesses please check out our lovely range. Another way in which our platinum silicone dongs are often used is with a compatible sex machine or fucking machine.

Customers love mechanical sex as it means they can be in charge of how fast and how deep they are being penetrated. Furthermore, they do not have to worry about their partner becoming fatigued and running out of steam. In addition there is no concern that their male partner will actually be able to perform (e.g. erectile dysfunction) and not reach his climax too quickly (premature ejaculation) and leave them frustrated.

If you are purchasing your sex toy or adult toy to use alone for solo masturbation then you might like to add a Doc Johnson Black Handle.

This fun product features a vac-u-lock plug as referred to above which simply inserts inside your sex toys cavity (apply vac-u-powder first!).

With the vac-u-lock plug inserted all the way inside your adult toy then you can then hold your sex toy via the black handle. The handle itself is very durable and has been ergonomically designed so you can comfortably grip it and gain extra purchase while thrusting your platinum silicone dong or large silicone dildo inside your orifice of choice.

The makers of this smart, yet simple accessory, have also ensured that the handles is made from a nice texture so you don’t need to worry about losing grip even if your hand is a bit slippery from the sexual lubricant you are using.

The Black Handle does not have to be just a product which you have to use yourself. Indeed, your partner may find that when using it they are able to achieve much greater purchase on the sex toy. Consequently, they are able to penetrate you much more effectively!

The Black Handle has a total length of 8 ½“ and an insertable length of 5” and the customer feedback we have received has always been complimentary. If you require further information regarding purchasing any of our optional items then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

We realise that for those of you that are new to sex toys are massive silicone dongs, that all the products can be bit confusing or even overwhelming. A lot of the platinum silicone dildos are actually quite premium products so we would rather you sought our advice prior to purchasing to ensure that you get the item which will please you in the way in which you desire.

We can be reached via the online chat option on our website. Alternatively, you may telephone us or email us. We use social media and will respond as soon as we see your message on either Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Please check out the entire Doc Johnson range of accessories and harnesses.

N.B All purchases of platinum silicone dildos or jumbo silicone dongs will receive a complimentary large suction cup plug in black and a stylish faux velvet storage bag.

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